Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector Today Guide

updated February 9, 2024


Legend and Master Lost Sectors were introduced with Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion, providing Guardians an opportunity to level up weapons while earning Exotic armor as part of regular rewards.

Players at least 1750 Power Level and equipped with mission modifiers will require to successfully engage in these difficult activities. We will discuss what’s on the Legend Lost Sector rotation, how to start one up, and the possible rewards earned from participating.

Exotic Irukandji Rifle

Since Lightfall campaign launched, players can collect special armor and weapon rewards by running Legend Lost Sectors. As these are more challenging than regular Lost Sectors in game, players should know when and how best to prepare for these challenging missions. We’ve provided this handy guide with all of this information as well as what Exotic rewards they may expect when running them.

Lost Sectors offer new players a fantastic way to gain access to some of the more rare items within the game, providing new Guardians with an opportunity to acquire some rarer pieces that might otherwise remain unavailable to them. Note that one Legend or Master Lost Sector may only be earned daily; for best results when taking on solo missions.

Legend Lost Sectors now come equipped with various modifiers that can alter both their difficulty and reward levels of activities, typically increasing both damage dealt/received within them, as well as its type. Some modifiers even increase chances of Exotic armor drop, though this decision ultimately lies with random number generators (RNG).

Legend Lost Sectors offer players an excellent way to farm multiple times per week, unlike dungeons and raids which only offer weekly opportunities. However, players need a high enough Power Level in order to access these lucrative sectors; typically those not reaching 1750 should focus on earning Powerful Engrams or Pinnacle Engrams through other activities until then.

Doing the most out of their Legend Lost Sector experience means taking note of both Legend and Master Lost Sector schedules – these shift daily in game. Knowing this schedule enables newcomers and veteran players alike to plan out which mini-dungeons they should complete on any given day.

Psi Hermetic V Pulse Rifle

The Psi Hermetic V is an outstanding pulse rifle with an extensive arsenal of perk options for both PvE and PVP use. PvE options such as Moving Target and Headseeker help increase aiming speed and damage precision post bodyshot, respectively; while its PVP perks, Aggressive Burst and Experimental Submunitions, allow players to deliver devastating attacks with each shot fired.

Unfortunately, the Pulse Rifle’s greatness is slightly mitigated by its limited accessibility – only available through Legendary Lost Sectors which change daily and present formidable challenges to Guardians eager to obtain it. Yet those willing to face up can unlock some of Destiny 2’s finest firearms along with rare Legendary and Foundry armor pieces!

The Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2 provides Guardians with an opportunity to acquire Exotic weapons and gear quickly while quickly increasing their Power Level. However, due to its challenging recommended difficulty and mission modifiers at higher Power Levels, completion may prove challenging at higher Power Levels. Guardians can increase their chances of successfully completing it using top void subclass weapons with Cosmology capabilities designed to stun Barrier or Overload Champions more effectively.

Guardians can not only earn exclusive weapons by exploring Legendary Lost Sectors, but can also find new offerings through Banshee-44 vendor as part of Season of the Witch event. Irukandji Sniper Rifle which offers two rounds back for every four precision damage hits is also for sale here!

Additionally, the Legendary Lost Sector can also provide players with special Xurn engrams containing rare items and weapons if completed on both Legendary and Master difficulties; though your chances of receiving one on Legendary is lower.

Graviton Lance Exotic Trace Rifle

Each day, players have access to new Legendary and Master Lost Sectors that require higher skill levels to complete. These higher difficulty activities provide players with an improved chance at finding Exotic weapons and armor as well as Foundry weapons which can boost other guns in their arsenal. Guardians should keep tabs on the Lost Sector schedule and rotation so as to plan runs efficiently.

K1 Revelation on the Moon, the latest Legendary Lost Sector, contains several rooms filled with Barrier champions that pose an aggressive threat to players. Therefore, players should equip their loadouts with anti-Barrier weapons such as the Graviton Lance exotic Trace Rifle which stuns enemies and can even explode their shields using its Cosmology perk; Psi Hermetic V pulse rifle increases grenade damage through melee kills; or Titan class item mod Cenotaph Mask which provides Overshield protection.

On the PvP side of things, the Exotic Monte Carlo Auto Rifle remains an ideal weapon thanks to its impressive range and clean aesthetic. Following a recent rework that increased fire rate and headshot damage against Champions, however it still trails Polaris Lance and Trinity Ghoul in performance.

No Time to Explain and Hawkmoon continue to excel at quickly clearing enemy guardians away, provided the player is accurate enough. No Time to Explain especially benefits from the recent Damage Map update which increases its rocket damage by an extra 30% against bosses and Champions.

Destiny 2’s sniper rifles are more than capable of handling PvE enemies. The Irukandji, with its 140 RPM and high precision damage for two rounds when killing enemies with headshots, is an ideal pick for Guardian builds that prefer to stay behind. Meanwhile, Tessellation Exotic Trace Rifles are also effective; their fast reload speed and range make them suitable for clearing tougher foes in difficult activities while its elemental matching makes Crucible matches even more effective; additionally this weapon also grants users an increase reload speed increase upon each kill as well as multiply its damage-per-shot bonus multiple times via Explosive Shot perk perk perk per kill bonus multiple times each kill bonus multiple times via Explosive Shot perk perk per kill bonus per kill bonus per kill bonus multiple times via Explosive Shot perk perk perk per kill bonus per kill bonus multiple times per kill while its Explosive Shot perk allows it.

Cenotaph Mask

One of the more noteworthy additions to Destiny 2 in Season of the Deep is an exciting exotic helm available only to Warlocks: Cenotaph Mask helmet is an eye-catching piece of gear which boosts trace rifle damage while acting like a mini Actium War Rig for Divinity players running Divinity. Unfortunately, its potential is somewhat restricted by certain limitations that reduce its functionality.

In order to gain the Cenotaph Mask, players must complete a Legend Lost Sector challenge on Legendary or Master difficulty and be lucky enough to receive it as a prize. Each day’s rotation offers new rewards; for instance, armor may be available one day while weapons the next.

Grinding Legendary Lost Sectors can be challenging, since some days may be better for certain classes than others. Luckily, Destiny 2 guides can provide valuable assistance.

Destiny 2’s Lost Sectors are challenging endgame activities that offer Guardians an excellent chance at earning rare Exotic rewards. Rewards change daily for Legend and Master Lost Sectors; Guardians who complete these challenges may also earn special loot from Vex Strike Force campaigns or Legendary and Master Lightfall campaigns.

Legendary and Master Lost Sectors require a high Power level (at least 1750) in order to qualify, though those not meeting these requirements can still complete missions but won’t be eligible to claim exotic items. Earning enough Exotic gear within Lost Sectors is the only way into these elite levels of the campaign.

Regaining an Exotic item in either Legend or Master Lost Sectors is no simple task, as these challenges are designed to test even experienced Guardians. That’s why players should keep tabs on the schedule of Destiny 2 Lost Sectors activities when an Exotic Helm becomes available and check the Legendary Foundry weapon rotation so as not to miss any great weapons in Destiny 2.