Destiny 2 Loot Table – Warlord’s Ruin

updated March 5, 2024


Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish has brought Guardians to an uninhabited castle perched atop Europe’s Dead Zone that’s overrun with Scorn and Taken enemies, promising Guardians some of the most intriguing weapons and armor in Destiny 2. This new dungeon released December 1 boasts some unique weapons and armor features not found elsewhere in Destiny.

Here’s what to expect when running Warlord?s Ruin for an Exotic Buried Bloodlines sidearm or the Indebted Kindness helmet: encounters can vary significantly based on your chosen weapon(s).

1. Exotic Buried Bloodlines Sidearm

Warlord?s Ruin in Destiny 2 transports players to an abandoned castle overrun by Scorn and Taken as they try to reduce Ahamkara threats. There are three distinct encounters, offering Guardians various rewards ranging from exotic weapons and armor.

Destiny fans will be pleased to hear that an Exotic Buried Bloodlines Sidearm is available in the new dungeon – it marks a brand-new archetype within this class of weapon. Utilizing Special ammo and firing small rounds of self-propelled rocket ammunition, its unique nature will surely entice players to run through multiple times of this new dungeon in order to collect this weapon!

This Exotic sidearm is extremely powerful and features the Hungering Quarrel Intrinsic Trait which fires tracking bolts that sap health from enemy targets, as well as Violent Reanimation Traits which grant Devour to multiple targets if it scores multiple final blows with its firing mechanism. A devastating weapon that adds extra punch to PvE battles – but can only be acquired after beating Warlord?s Ruin’s last boss.

If you want an Exotic weapon, spawn into the jail and solve its end-dungeon puzzle by targeting a large medieval-style lever with four gears around it. Each of the skeletons on the floor will point at a number that needs to be matched by spinning one direction or another on each gear; once all gears have been adjusted in accordance with that number, shoot the button that looks like an ancient lever button for completion of this process.

Not only is the Buried Bloodlines Sidearm available to be won in Warlord?s Ruin, but so too are several other Exotic weapons and armor items such as an Exotic Ship, Sparrow, emblems and exclusive emblems. For maximum reward capture, run Warlord?s Ruin on Master difficulty multiple times so that they may gain the Artifice version of Dark Age Armor!

2. Exotic Void Sidearm

Guardians can find an assortment of rare gear items and Exotic weapons in Destiny 2?s Warlord?s Ruin dungeon. Unlike its counterparts which offer fixed loot pools, Warlord?s Ruin features an Exotic weapon dropped by its final boss along with various cosmetic items, exotic armor pieces and rare Ship and Sparrows; see the complete list of rewards below to unlock each one.

Buried Bloodlines, an Exotic sidearm in the Special Weapon slot, functions like an extremely powerful hand crossbow by firing Void Tracking Bolts that deplete health upon impact with targets. This weapon makes an excellent choice both in PvE and PvP due to its excellent damage potential and ammo economy.

Warlord?s Ruin offers players not only sidearms, but also unique weapons for every encounter such as Naeem?s Lance, which allows for maneuverability during combat. Though it offers some interesting perks, some other weapons may prove more effective against your foes in Warlord?s Ruin.

Indebted Kindness is another noteworthy weapon available from this dungeon. This unique weapon introduces a brand new archetype for Strand weapons and offers some interesting perks; however, its firepower may not match up to that of more sought-after guns in this particular dungeon.

One of the toughest encounters in the dungeon is against Hefnd’s Vengeance, a Blighted Chimaera. This battle utilizes both traditional Taken totem arena mechanics as well as an innovative tag system which forces players to use three out of the four islands in order to damage Hefnd and survive swarms of annoying Taken enemies that attack every turn – therefore survivability becomes crucial here.

After defeating Hefnd’s Vengeance, players will be taken directly to the roof of the tower for rewards collection. For optimal rewards, multiple runs through this dungeon each week is highly recommended in order to collect everything available – this way players are sure not to miss anything out!

3. Helmet

Bungie has produced one of its most memorable dungeons yet in Warlord’s Ruin, taking Guardians on an adventure to recover the remains of Hefnd, an ancient Ahamkara who granted wishes. Packed with challenging encounters, an Exotic sidearm and armor set, and exotic cosmetic items, this challenging dungeon warrants repeat playthroughs in order to collect them all – it will give Guardians every advantage for upgrading gear or collecting complete sets! These loot tables provide all of this information needed in order to track down what to expect when exploring Warlord’s Ruin.

Bungie has done it again! From snow-dappled mountains that tower above this dungeon to Hefnd’s Castle’s dank hallways, this dungeon is visually arresting and full of atmosphere – both elements keep up Bungie’s tradition for crafting fascinating environments filled with collectibles. Most notable among its features is “In the Shadow of the Mountain”, a quest tasking players with collecting various items over multiple runs of this dungeon.

This is especially important when searching for Hefnd’s Bones. While the dungeon itself only offers two genuine secret chests, players should keep an eye out for decoys scattered around as any false leads to opening a mimic chest spawns an army of Screebs who kill you instantly! So be mindful when opening any imitation cubes – only open genuine ones.

Destiny 2’s Warlord?s Ruin takes players on an epic quest to recover the legendary Ahamkara Hefnd?s Bones from an Scorn-run castle. This dungeon offers some challenging encounters that will test even the most experienced Guardians, but also boasts unique loot from Destiny’s Dark Age. This gear, available to students from all classes, features an authentic winter motif to fit the location of Hefnd’s castle ruins in an icy environment. Climbing rope, ice picks and other survival gear, fur accents, gold visors and more await those who conquer the numerous encounters found within this dungeon, with each class’s version featuring its own distinctive color scheme. As rewards for conquering its many encounters are offered such as Exotic Ships/Sparrows as well as exclusive emblems – these pieces of gear make an excellent reward!

4. Indebted Kindness

Bungie recently introduced Warlord?s Ruin as an Exotic Dungeon to Destiny 2, an icy castle located in Europe’s Dead Zone that rewards Guardians with new weapons and armor. A particular item has gained much acclaim: the Indebted Kindness sidearm belonging to an uncommon weapon archetype that fires rockets – as well as having an outstanding god roll that makes it one of the top picks for both PvE and PvP gameplay.

Indebted Kindness is an Arc, Rocket-Assisted Frame Sidearm that makes its debut appearance in Destiny 2. Using Special ammo, this weapon fires small rounds of rocket ammunition which deal a substantial amount of damage. With special ammo firing small rocket rounds at once and numerous useful perks – Quick Launch and Velocity Masterwork boost weapon velocity while firing more rockets per clip while Impulse Amplifier speeds reload speed for all rocket-assisted frames; plus Beacon Rounds which increase total damage of rockets fired against PvP opponents!

Warlord?s Ruin offers an exciting, powerful weapon you may discover by playing multiple times. Although it won’t always drop as you go through, chances are good of picking one up during every run if you focus on clearing all Taken devices created by Fikrul during his immunity phase during encounter one.

To maximize its potential, it’s worth seeking out some exclusive sidearm perks that only the K-9 offers. We recommend prioritizing Hipfire Grip and Offhand Strike; Hipfire Grip will increase hipfire accuracy, while Offhand Strike makes hitting enemies in PvP easier when shooting from moving platforms.

As with any Destiny 2 dungeon, Warlord?s Ruin requires multiple runs in order to accumulate its full set of loot. Our guides for each encounter in this dungeon can assist in planning your runs and finding all secret chests.