Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

updated February 26, 2024


Bungie has brought new weapons and updated weapon perks into Destiny 2 as part of Season of the Seraph, such as Reconstruction; an S-Tier perk that slowly refills magazines when not firing, expanding their capacity up to double their original amount.

Reconstruction is an ideal choice for weapons that deal accumulated damage, like shotguns and grenade launchers, as it accumulates damage over time. Furthermore, Reconstruction pairs well with perks that incapacitate Overload Champions or increase Final Blow damage such as Target Lock and Feeding Frenzy – two tactics designed to stun Overload Champions while increasing Final Blow damage output.


Reload times can be an immense pain point when using some of Destiny 2’s most effective weapons, making perks that reduce them an attractive upgrade option. One such S-Tier perk, Reconstruction, is especially useful. It gradually fills guns’ magazines when not firing by drawing from reserves until overflowing their normal capacity – an effect best seen with rifles like Commemoration Arc Machine Gun’s high impact damage where Reconstruction can enhance base stats further when combined with Origin Traits such as Bray Inheritance Origin Traits which increase damage-to-armor ratio and precision.

Reconstruction not only shortens reload times but also expands your weapon’s magazine size by 10% every four seconds when not firing it, up to double of what it originally was – this feature is particularly beneficial when facing off against large numbers of enemies or tough bosses, such as Frostwolf’s Overload Champion Shatter ability or shotguns like Chill Clip which boosts their stability and further reduces reload times.

Shotguns are indispensable tools for clearing Hive and Taken enemies in PvE content and dismantling other Guardians in Crucible PvP; however, their long reload speeds make them hard to keep up with fast-moving targets in Crucible. Reconstruction’s ability to greatly decrease reload times enables Guardians to fire off multiple rounds quickly while staying engaged with opponents, especially when combined with Shotgun Perks that increase reload speed such as Third Time Is the Charm or Rufus Fury God Rolls.

Reconstruction can be an ideal perk for snipers, as it amps up their rifle’s already high damage output even further. This perk works particularly well when combined with popular sniper perks that gradually increase damage over time or temporarily stun Overload Champions such as Target Lock or Feeding Frenzy; and with those that increase accuracy or range such as Corkscrew Rifling or Extended Barrel.


The shotgun is an invaluable weapon for clearing away waves of enemies in PvE and taking down other Guardians in Crucible PvP, but its lengthy reload times may make it challenging to keep pace with high-damage foes like Mini-Bosses and Bosses. Bungie has devised the S-tier weapon perk Reconstruction specifically with this in mind, providing weapon magazines up to twice their original capacity every four seconds that go by without being fired upon. This trait makes it suitable for weapons that deal accumulated damage over time, or those with lengthy reload times such as Heritage’s increased Final Blow damage, or those featuring long reload times like Heritage. Furthermore, it works perfectly in combination with impact damage perks such as Forbearance from Deep Stone Crypt or Bray Inheritance on new Aggressive Frame shotgun Cold Comfort or Nasreddin’s Oblation/Caretaker in order to create synergies that benefit damage output over time or those featuring long reload times – such as Heritage/Narreddin’s Oblation/Caretaker etc.

Reconstruction can be found on various shotguns and snipers, as well as Krux Termination’s Aggressive Frame rocket launcher, but is especially effective against targets that require multiple shots to kill such as Nasreddin’s, Caretaker or Heritage, Field Prep or Clown Cartridge slug shotguns. Thresh, Pugilist and Ambitious Assassin also benefit from Reconstruction’s reloading boost feature.

Demonjoe recommends Conditional Finality as an exceptional grenade launcher to deliver extra damage against frozen targets, dropping as an RNG reward from Nzar boss in Root of Nightmares raid and providing two functions in one: its first shot freezes targets while its second strikes deeper damage upon Stasis crystals shattering them with solar energy.

Finally, Cold Comfort and Krux Termination both benefit from the S-tier gun perk Reconstruction which automatically refills an empty magazine every four seconds when not fired to double its normal capacity – particularly helpful against heavy enemies like Raid boss Nzar. Furthermore, Reconstruction plays well with precision-enhancing abilities like Forbearance and Bray Inheritance on Cold Comfort as well as damage over time options like Heal Clip and Until It’s Return on Krux Termination.

Grenade Launchers

PvE players seeking reliable grenade launchers require those that provide reliable crowd control along with clear shots and maximum damage against bosses, often through kinetic weapons like Witherhorde from Trials of Osiris or Salvagers Salvo from Monument of Lost Light equipped with Adrenaline Junkie for reduced recoil.

These weapons are ideal for shortening downtime between rounds, especially when encountering multiple enemy groups or raid bosses with long damage phases. One particularly beneficial S-Tier weapon perk for these weapons is Reconstruction, which gradually refills their magazine to twice its regular capacity when not firing, making these long-reload weapons much faster to fire off, as well as working well when combined with Origin Traits that increase final damage output from class abilities such as Heal Clip or Clandestine’s Forbearance for snipers.

Reconstruction weapons with their Blinding Grenades perk provide great crowd control; however, some players prefer Kinetic weapons equipped with this perk to further control crowds. While its effectiveness has been reduced slightly over time, Blinding Grenades perk still offers excellent methods to keep enemies off balance; making this perk especially helpful in PvE content that requires numerous ranged engagements, like Legendary campaign missions or Day One raids.

For this scenario, any kinetic grenade launcher that can utilize the Blinding Grenades perk would make an excellent option. Examples include Lingering Dread from Duality Dungeon or Citan’s Ramparts from Crucible as they both boast quick reload speeds to further make them effective against large groups of Hive or Taken enemies; plus the Citan’s Ramparts also offers increased suspend duration which helps trap enemies when using stun grenades.


Destiny 2’s top PvP weapons can transform the way you play, helping you quickly take down enemies and bosses with precision and speed. Ranging from shotguns to machine guns, these powerful arsenal pieces are used for clearing Hive and Taken enemies from PvE activities as well as taking down other Guardians in Crucible PvP combat. In addition, many feature top-tier weapon perks that increase damage over time or stun Overload Champions or increase Final Blow damage making them even more efficient than their counterparts!

Reconstruction is one of the most popular weapon perks in Overwatch, initially introduced with Deep Stone Crypt but now found across many weapons. It allows players to auto-reload their weapon when it isn’t firing, increasing its magazine capacity up to twice its usual size; making this ideal for snipers like Rufus’ Fury and Commemoration as it allows auto reload while increasing magazine capacity; additionally it complements other perks that increase damage over time or stun Overload Champions effectively.

Other top-tier perks worth considering for PvP include Eager Edge, which increases melee attack speed and velocity when in danger zones. Memory Interdict also presents excellent options, providing high damage through melee attacks while taking advantage of Impulse Amplifier for additional power and accuracy.

A new season brings with it some incredible new machine guns that can be used both for PvE and PvP, including the Supercluster Slug Shotgun with its S-Tier Reconstruction perk that automatically refills your magazine up to double its regular size when not firing it – this complements other damage increasing perks such as Target Lock or Feeding Frenzy to provide powerful results during high enemy density activities.

Other machine guns well suited to PvP include the Grasp of Darkness and Song of Ir Yut, both obtained through Terminal Overload farming with Target Lock for increased DPS perk. Finally, there’s Doomed Petitioner — an aggressive frame linear fusion rifle available as either a Legendary Gear drop or through Root of Nightmares raid rewards that offers increased DPS when equipped with enhanced Impact or Xenophage perk combos – that make an excellent combination between PvE weaponry and PvP combat when combined together!