Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

With a wide range of challenging activities and new perks coming to weapons, Guardians must always have the best loadout possible. One such perk is Reconstruction – an S-tier perk that gradually refills your weapon magazine back up to double capacity every four seconds when not firing – when not shooting.

Rifleman’s Launcher

At nearly all missions, Rifleman will typically receive either an AT-4 or an AT-7 Light Anti-Tank Launcher as their weapon of choice for use by their Fireteam in destroying most, if not all enemy Vehicles and Armor. A Rifleman serves to support their Gunner with this LAT launcher by clearing away enemy hordes when necessary and providing backup as needed; they may also carry other specialty equipment which might impact responsibilities or performance during certain scenarios.

Riflemen typically make use of perks that help manage their ammunition effectively, with some even altering how their weapons function. Reconstruction is an impressive S-tier perk which enables any weapon to automatically reload and overflow its magazine every four seconds while not firing, which pairs particularly well with weapons that do accumulated damage over time (like Heritage Slug Shotgun’s increased Final Blow) or high impact effects like Target Lock or Feeding Frenzy.

Fourth Time’s the Charm is another fantastic option for Riflemen. This legendary perk allows any shotgun or machine gun equipped with this perk to generate two additional rounds in its magazine upon making a critical hit, making this perk extremely effective in PvE, especially when combined with precision damage boosters like Target Lock and Incandescent.

Depleted Rounds reduces ammo wasted when emptying expended shells from weapons, while Voltshot increases rocket firing rate by 20%. Most weapons with these features have respectable reload speeds and require players to actively reload their weapon, so these perks typically only provide significant benefit in extreme scenarios.

Riflemen may find other perks useful that make their guns easier to use, such as those which reduce recoil (Gunner’s Comfort) or allow switching ammo types quickly without reloading, such as Field Prep. Finally, Slice – new with Season of the Wish – provides Riflemen an effective means of dealing heavy damage against bosses; when an weapon equipped with this perk fires off, it applies a Sever debuff that reduces their damage output for several seconds – making Slice a useful way of dealing heavy damage against bosses!

Commemoration Machine Gun

Commemoration Machine Gun is one of the premier heavy weapons in Destiny 2. Although its magazine may be relatively short, its high firing rate and good weapon handling more than make up for any shortcoming in terms of magazine capacity – making it ideal for clearing adds in PvE missions or taking down Guardians in Crucible matches. Furthermore, it boasts its own god roll with various powerful enhanced perks attached.

Therefore, this weapon is an ideal option for players attempting to overcome Totems encounters within King’s Fall or Shuro Chi encounters in Last Wish raids, or missions which require clearing enemies or adds. Some good combinations of perks might include Accurized Rounds, Polygonal Rifling and Rampage in order to maximize its damage potential.

Commemoration Machine Gun’s real strength lies within its enhanced perk set. Since Bungie released Deep Stone Crypt, this weapon has received significant upgrades that enable it to compete with higher-tier boss damage weapons; moreover, its base magazine capacity now increases 10% every four seconds when not firing – up to double of what it normally would. This makes it an excellent option for PvE content that features frequent enemy encounters and respawns where reload times may become an issue.

Reconstruction, an S-tier Enhanced Perk, grants its mag auto-reload by up to double its original capacity for every enemy killed – providing an incredible option for PvE use combined with Killing Tally to increase damage output and enhance damage output of weapons overall.

PvP players may find the machine gun’s shorter magazine size problematic; however, this can be remedied with additional perks that increase its durability and stability, such as Extended Mag or Under Pressure. Players may also take advantage of its built-in enhanced perks Rewind Rounds or Feeding Frenzy to keep it firing efficiently against other Guardians in the Crucible.

Cold Comfort Scout Rifle

Cold Comfort Scout Rifles are an excellent weapon choice for players who enjoy fast rates of fire. Equipped with the Full Auto perk, which allows it to fire one shot every seven frames, Cold Comfort offers one of the fastest firing rates of all scout rifles – even faster than Malok itself! Additionally, their stability makes this an effective weapon at hitting opponents directly in their critical area without incurring too much damage loss.

This scout rifle makes for an enjoyable PvP experience due to its ability to displace opponents. Furthermore, adding the Zen Moment perk further expands its potential; providing an extra boost to each shot’s damage output so you can deliver even greater damage per attack.

Fourth Time’s the Charm is another useful perk of this weapon that allows for multiple attempts against bosses, granting two rounds each time four critical hits within two seconds are scored. This can come in handy when facing enemies that require multiple attempts before falling.

Forbearance, available from the Dungeon of Ghosts’ Graveyard, is an exceptional sniper rifle with an excellent rate of fire that can overfill its magazine using Origin Traits like Envious Assassin to deliver explosive damage in both PvE and PvP situations.

Finally, scout rifles can be enhanced by adding Perfect Balance or Fitted Stock perk from column two and either Smallbore or Injection Mold perk from column three perks. These upgrades enhance stability and recoil direction so the weapon excels against heavier weapons when engaging them at close quarters.

Cold Comfort is an exceptional scout rifle, but its capabilities can be increased even further when coupled with legendary perks from Root of Nightmares raid. Bait and Switch provides an instant damage boost when activated after performing a finisher or revive of teammate while Restoration Ritual gives an emergency reload whenever its magazine runs dry.

Rufus’ Fury

Rufus’ Fury, a Legendary weapon available through Lightfall, stands out as a specialization of auto rifle. Capable of dealing out damage with ease, its special perks distinguish it amongst the weapons in Root of Nightmares raid.

Auto rifles have long held an awkward place in the Crucible due to their unique role as weapons of the Immortal, yet after April 17’s mid-season update they have become much more competitive and players have begun looking for weapons such as Rufus’ Fury to help deal sustained damage to Champions and shut down opposing Guardians in PvP matches.

Reconstruction, an innovative perk available only with this weapon, allows it to self-reload when not firing by replenishing 10% of its reserves every four seconds, overflowing to double its normal magazine capacity when necessary.

As such, it makes the perfect choice for weapons requiring constant ammunition supply – such as sniper rifles and machine guns – as it enables increased DPS while making maintaining accurate shooting easier in combat situations.

Notable among this weapon’s many impressive traits is its ability to ricochet bullets. This feature adds extra knockback damage when firing shots against certain enemies, making this weapon particularly potent against certain threats. Furthermore, it pairs perfectly with damage boosting abilities like fourth time’s the charm or arclight for maximum effectiveness in battle.

Finally, this weapon can be further customized with various perks to enhance its performance both in PvE and PvP. These perks may include fast-fire frames for increased rate of fire while simultaneously improving stability, high caliber barrels that deliver extra damage and range increases, or Heal Clip or Target Lock as sniper-focused perk options that provide consistent precision damage as well as Paracausal Affinity or Hatchling to increase damage against enemy champions.

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