Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

updated February 6, 2024


Destiny 2 offers various weapon perks that enhance damage output and decrease reload times, which can be found by completing Hive or Taken content or killing raid bosses like Deep Stone Crypt’s Taniks the Abomination. These upgrades can be acquired through Hive/Taken questing or by killing raid bosses like Taniks the Abomination himself.

Reconstruction, an S-tier upgrade that gradually refills a gun’s magazine to double its normal capacity, can be especially helpful for weapons designed for Ad Clear amplification like rifles, shotguns and machine guns equipped with features that increase Final Blow damage or stun Overload Champions.

Rifleman’s Launcher

Riflemen in Crucible PvP depend on their support weapons to clear away enemy waves and defeat their rival Guardians. Grenade launchers such as AT-4 or AT-7 allow Riflemen to quickly deploy multiple rockets in combat or quickly acquire more from fallen enemies or supply crates – with Thresh Demolitionist and Pugilist each providing increased energy upon shotgun, Fusion Rifle, or Sniper Rifle kills respectively). Furthermore, S-tier Reconstruction grants increased energy upon projectile kills compared with Thresh Demolitionist and Pugilist’s perk which increases power upon shotgun, Fusion Rifle and Sniper Rifle kills respectively (similarly similar to Thresh Demolitionist and Pugilist’s perk).

Reconstruction is one of the most impressive weapon perks available in Destiny 2, automatically reloading weapons’ magazines every four seconds when not firing and overflowing up to twice their normal capacity. This perk can be especially helpful for guns requiring consistent ammunition supply such as sniper rifles or machine guns when combined with damage boosting perk such as Fourth Time’s the Charm or Arclight.

Reconstruction is an invaluable perkset for the Slug Shotgun, providing some of the highest single-shot damage in the game and pairing perfectly with Feeding Frenzy or Target Lock to increase their impact. Furthermore, Reconstruction goes hand-in-hand with Origin Trait Cursed Thrall which stuns Overload Champions while increasing Final Blow damage output.

Reconstruction perk has also been overhauled behind-the-scenes, enabling it to be placed on more weapons without restricting their ability to fulfill their intended functions or adding any lag into gameplay. Reworking also includes minor adjustments to how it works – changing its initial timing so it matches that of other shotgun perks’ reload speeds, as well as making its overflow timer more uniform across weapons with this type of reload speed tier.

Heritage Slug Shotgun

Heritage is a Legendary Kinetic Shotgun introduced alongside the Deep Stone Crypt Raid that has proven popular with both PvE and Crucible PvP players alike. Boasting a Pinpoint Slug Frame and available with numerous Perks that make it particularly strong in both environments – most notably, Reconstruction makes this shotgun stand out by automatically reloading when your weapon isn’t firing and increasing magazine capacity by up to double its normal capacity when firing again; this greatly reduces reload times while working well alongside Target Lock, Feeding Frenzy or Voltshot when used with primary or machine guns respectively.

Note that this shotgun can take advantage of the new God Roll Focused Fury for even further enhancement. This perk provides significant increases to range and stability of shotguns, and can prove especially effective against enemies further away allowing Guardians to fire shots without fear of missing.

This perk also grants increased energy for Glaive projectile kills, making the weapon even more powerful in clearing Hive and Taken enemies from PvE content or decimating other Guardians in Crucible PvP matches. Therefore, this is one of the most versatile Shotgun perks available and should not be overlooked when completing Deep Stone Crypt raids or crafting guns in Crucible.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of this shotgun, pairing it with Corkscrew Rifling and Extended Barrel are ideal first slot upgrades. Corkscrew Rifling provides small increases to Handling, Range, Recoil control as well as more range at the cost of less handling; Extended Barrel provides even more range at a -10 in handling; this combination allows you to fully leverage Reconstruction perk for its quick firing capabilities.

Cold Comfort Scout Rifle

Destiny 2’s Cold Comfort Rocket Launcher stands up well to God Rolls from Crucible matches and stands as one of the premier Legendary Rocket Launchers available. Featuring its aggressive frame and Origin Trait Restoration Ritual, Cold Comfort’s Reconstruction perk provides an extra edge when taking part in tough PvE activities like Ghosts of the Deep. Best god rolls for Cold Comfort usually aim at increasing velocity and blast radius as opposed to Reconstruction as its primary benefit.

Reconstruction is an S-tier gun perk that slowly fills your magazine by 10% every four seconds when not firing it, eventually filling to twice its normal capacity. It is especially helpful for weapons used for clearing hordes of enemies in PvE as reload times can be drastically decreased or avoided altogether; additionally it synergizes well with popular perks like Target Lock, Feeding Frenzy or Voltshot when mounted to primary and machine guns.

Cold Comfort rifles boast an extremely rapid rate of fire, so choosing barrel and magazine picks that maximize damage potential are especially advantageous. When selecting barrel Picks, look for those which enhance stability and recoil direction; similarly when picking magazine options such as Chambered Compensator Rounds.

As an added benefit, this perk also provides Glaive projectile kills which are extremely effective at clearing away large groups of enemies and killing hordes of Hive and Taken in PvE. While it doesn’t hit as high a blast radius as Rufus’s Fury God Rolls do, extra rounds will add up when taking down mobile Guardians in Crucible battlegrounds.

Rifleman’s Sniper Rifle

Reconstruction is one of the standout features in Destiny 2, found on some of its most reliable weapons. Reconstructing allows your gun to slowly refill its magazine when not firing, ultimately reaching double its normal capacity – an ability which works perfectly when used alongside some of Crucible’s highest damage weapons.

Constructing weapons requires four seconds, but their reserves can fill much faster. This allows you to fire continuously without running out of ammo, and switch weapons during their reload timers – something especially handy when clearing waves of enemies in PvE! Also great for dealing massive damage using your favorite shotgun or sniper rifle!

Reconstruction Perk works particularly well when coupled with Cold Comfort, a scoped scout rifle capable of stunning precision hits from long range. Cold Comfort can easily clear away large groups of enemies in just one engagement, and Reconstruction makes sure there’s enough ammunition available to do just that.

The Rifleman’s Sniper Rifle also benefits from the Reconstruction perk thanks to its rapid reload speed and high damage output, making it a weapon that can quickly dominate Crucible matches while staying on target and dealing tons of damage for longer. Auto-reload will keep this rifle on target while still dealing out huge damage!

Rifleman Sniper rifles provide another distinct advantage, Severing enemies after hitting them with precision shots is another hugely useful perk of this weapon – it reduces enemy damage by 40%, which can prove crucial during boss fights and can help ensure victory! Sever should be included as standard with every Rifleman in Crucible due to this effect; additionally it works great with many other perks, including Thresh Ammo Spikes and Ally Revival from Thresh’s Ammo Spikes as well.

Rifleman’s Auto Rifle

Auto rifles are among the most versatile weapons in Destiny 2 for Guardians who prefer being on the move, providing players with an effective tool to take on Hive and Taken enemies quickly and efficiently. The new Quicksilver Storm Exotic auto rifle features an advantageous perk that enables players to convert missile kills into grenade launches for alternate shooting mode use, making this weapon even more effective at clearing away foes while simultaneously creating Tangles for Crucible PvP play.

Reconstruction is another useful auto rifle perk that reduces reload times by activating this S-Tier perk, which works by filling weapons’ magazines automatically every four seconds when not fired by drawing from reserves; eventually reaching double their normal capacity. It works particularly well when combined with damage-to-armor bonuses like those found on Commemoration Arc Machine Gun, which features impressive base stats as well as Origin Traits such as Bray Inheritance for increased damage and impact damage output.

Reconstruction not only boosts a weapon’s overall damage output but also its damage-to-armor reduction, making it particularly effective against enemies wearing heavy armor. Reconstruction’s powerful base damage makes it one of the premier PvE weapons available – especially when combined with Origin Traits such as Third Time Is the Charm for increased reload speed or Rufus Fury’s precision attacks that add damage that can break champion shields.

One auto rifle perk worth exploring is Slice, available on certain precision weapons. This perk applies a debuff that temporarily reduces enemy damage output after they have been hit, making this weapon particularly helpful against Bosses or Mini-Bosses.