Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

updated February 10, 2024


Destiny 2’s second season has officially kicked off, offering new weapons and updates to older ones – with one stand-out feature being Reconstruction weapon perk.

The S-tier Reconstruction perk refills gun magazines up to double their normal capacity every four seconds when not firing, making this perk ideal for pairing with other perks that increase damage over time or stun Overload Champions and boost Final Blow damage.

Rifleman’s Launcher

Bungie’s popular shared-world shooter features an immense arsenal of weapons that can be used against Hive and Taken enemies in PvE content, or against other Guardians in Crucible PvP battles. Many of these weapons feature special bonuses that allow them to excel under certain combat situations.

Reconstruction, an S-tier perk that gradually refills a weapon’s magazine when not firing, eventually doubling its normal capacity, is a favorite among players. It works especially well with weapons with damage accumulation capabilities like Commemoration Arc machine guns’ impressive base stats or Origin Traits such as Bray Inheritance; additionally it combines well with impact damage-enhancing perks such as Target Lock or Feeding Frenzy to increase impact damage output.

Reconstruction can help the Rocket Launcher excel at clearing large groups of mobs in PvE missions. This perk increases magazine capacity by one missile every three seconds, overflowing it once empty and then allowing players to manually reload as soon as they have an opportunity. It is particularly useful for weapons with multiple missile reloads like Forbearance’s Multi-targeted Missile Volley and Cold Comfort’s Rapid Reload that charge up four missiles into Magazine to increase Final Blow damage output.

Reconstruction can also be found on two Exotic Rocket Launchers – Eyes of Tomorrow and Awakening’s Adaptive Ordnance. Eyes of Tomorrow can reload itself when not firing to increase DPS while Awakening’s Adaptive Ordnance’s ability to return ammo by killing four enemies quickly allows it to quickly clear away groups of enemies quickly.


Reconstruction was first introduced alongside Deep Stone Crypt. It is an S-tier perk that gradually increases weapons magazines up to twice their regular capacity over time, drawing from reserves every two seconds until Reconstruction reaches this maximum capacity. Reconstruction can be especially powerful when combined with other perk that increase magazine capacity such as Fluted Barrel or Extended Mag.

Shotguns have quickly become one of the most sought-after weapons in Destiny 2 thanks to their ability to quickly clear Hive and Taken enemies in PvE content and dismantle other Guardians in Crucible battles. Reconstruction perk makes an ideal fit here as it offers ammo conservation strategies; pairing well with Heal Clip or Origin Trait Commemoration which increases Final Blow damage increases DPS even further.

Chain Reaction can also provide strong benefits in PvP situations as its effects activate when your gun hasn’t been fired for four seconds or more, providing more flexible ammo management when inactive compared to Reconstruction which requires iterations on inactive weapons to reload. Sword Logic offers another top-tier perk with plenty of different uses if you want to upgrade your weapon further.

Relic Gun

Bungie’s S-Tier perk Reconstruction is the newest weapon perk available in Destiny 2. This handy feature refills gun magazines up to double their normal capacity every four seconds when left sitting idle, enabling Guardians to continue firing high-damage primary weapons without worrying about running out of ammo or stun Overload Champions without worry of running dry of ammunition. It works particularly well when combined with weapons which deal accumulated damage over time or stun Overload Champions.

Reconstruction is an ideal option for shotgun users looking for an effortless way to keep firing while swapping between secondary weapons. Heritage Slug Shotgun has quickly become one of the most sought-after PVE shotguns thanks to its high damage output and rapid fire rate; Reconstruction makes this already reliable weapon even more so by giving it doubled capacity. Reconstruction also pairs perfectly with Cold Comfort Scout Rifle which reduces waiting time between rounds by autofilling its magazine from reserves.

To unlock Reconstruction, players must complete five subquests at Relic Base in the Reef’s Old COG Wall and reveal where the Relic lies; after this happens, an ancient structure with initially dormant mechanoids will appear as its guardians; once inside this structure they can extract the Relic to complete this quest.

Relic Bases are strong world structures that serve as home bases for various factions. If one is destroyed, its original owner can rebuild it and gain back their entire Stockpile along with any unlocked upgrades. Otherwise, it remains under enemy control.

Rifleman’s Rifle

Destiny 2 offers many weapons with unique perks that enhance their effectiveness, such as Rifleman. This perk allows your rifle to refill its magazine automatically when not being fired upon, giving an added edge when out on an adventure.

You can use it on both sniper rifles and shotguns; the only requirement being that it uses single shot receiver weapons; therefore it won’t work with semi-auto or auto rifles. Furthermore, keep in mind that using this perk will still consume ammunition from your reserves so make an informed decision as to whether you wish to add it or not before doing so.

The Rifleman perk can help maximize your DPS when clearing waves of enemies in PvE content, pairing well with other perks that increase impact damage such as Heritage’s increased Final Blow damage. By keeping more bullets in the chamber during high impact damage dealing, it allows more bullets to stay in play for higher-impact damage output from guns.

Another advantage of using Gunslinger perk on light weapons such as Owl is that it can benefit both Rifleman and Gunslinger for powerful sniping in Crucible. Combined together they create an extremely effective combination.

Season 21 patch offers enhancements to weapon perks beyond Rifleman perk, such as scaling hip-fire reticle to FOV and pellet spread; making sniper rifle shots easier to line up. Furthermore, new Relic Rifle perks were introduced including Stasis Crystal Pattern and increased explosive damage against frozen targets.

Cold Comfort Scout Rifle

Cold Comfort, one of the four Legendary Scout Rifles, is an extremely versatile weapon that can be utilized in nearly all PvE activities. While its damage may be lower than most kinetic weapons, its high stability and handling make it ideal for engaging close range enemies or shielded targets with close-range attacks; making it suitable for missions requiring players to clear waves of mobs quickly. Furthermore, this weapon features an outstanding Blast Radius Perk that further increases its damage potential.

Chill Clip is one of the premier shotgun perks, due to its ability to reduce recoil while firing, thus increasing damage output against shielded opponents and providing for greater accuracy and precision with weapon use – it can even be combined with perks that enhance accuracy such as Target Lock for even further precision gains.

Reconstruction, another S-tier weapon perk, allows weapons like Rufus’ Fury which deal heavy damage and break barrier champion shields with precision attacks to quickly increase their magazine capacity when they’re not being fired. Reconstruction’s gradual ability is especially useful when combined with this feature.

Cold Comfort Weapons boast a new Origin Trait that grants them reloads whenever players execute finishers or revive allies, which greatly reduces reload times and makes the weapon even more effective when used alongside perks that increase damage over time or stun Overload Champions and Unstoppable bosses. When coupled with impressive barrel and magazine combinations such as Cold Comforts’ barrel/magazine combos, these features create an efficient reload rate ideal for PvE content like Tower of Doom. Perfect whether upgrading existing weapons or starting fresh, these perks will help players take down even Destiny 2’s most challenging encounters! Good Luck and shoot to Loot!