Destiny 2 Reconstruction Weapons and Perk Guide

updated February 22, 2024


Reconstruction is one of the most useful weapon perks in Destiny 2, providing Guardians an effective means of clearing PvE content or taking down other Guardians in Crucible PvP matches. When not firing, Reconstruction gradually refills weapon magazines to double their normal capacity allowing players to fire more shots before having to reload.


Reconstruction is one of the most valuable weapon perks available in Destiny 2. Introduced alongside Deep Stone Crypt raid, this S-tier perk automatically refills weapons when they’re not firing by drawing from reserves every four seconds to overfill them up to double their normal capacity – perfect for weapons with high damage accumulation such as shotguns or grenade launchers, pairing well with impact damage-boosting perks like Heritage’s Final Blow.

Reconstruction has quickly become a go-to tactic among players looking to maximize DPS while clearing Hive and Taken enemies in PvE content, as it drastically decreases magazine reload times. Guardians can focus on engaging enemies instead of worrying about reloading weapons quickly enough – especially heavy guns like Cold Comfort’s rocket launcher which holds four rockets thanks to Origin Traits such as Envious Assassin and Restoration Ritual.

Reconstruction pairs nicely with other perks that speed up reloading rates, like Fast Reload and Fourth Time’s the Charm (FTtC), to generate ammunition instantly; Reconstruction takes longer but still allows players to reload between attacks, keeping them close to combat and not falling behind!

Reconstruction currently only appears on weapons that drop from Crota’s End raid in Season of the Witch; this may change with future raids; in any event, it should help your DPS when clearing Hive or Taken enemies or decimating other Guardians in Crucible PvP matches.

Sword Logic

Reconstruction is one of the most practical weapon perks in Destiny 2, thanks to its automatic reloading capability. First introduced with Deep Stone Crypt weapons, Reconstruction has since become available on more weapons (including those dropped from Root of Nightmares raid). Reconstructing fills up magazines to twice their regular capacity every four seconds when not firing, making it perfect for guns that require multiple shots per kill or have long reload times; additionally it works great when used alongside Damage Over Time perks like Heal Clip on sniper rifles or Origin Traits that increase Final Blow damage like Bray Inheritance.

Sword Logic’s core principle rests upon the idea that a stronger hive defines itself by defeating its foes, such as Oryx the Taken King who gains power by collecting tribute from defeated adversaries and subsuming them into his will as new Taken. Oryx uses Taken powers to manipulate beings on an ideological level before recreating them as new Taken under his control.

Savathun has spread the Sword Logic’s “Take” ideology to other beings through her efforts, enabling powerful users of Sword Logic to utilize abilities like Law Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation, Reality Warping, Existence Erasure and Body Puppetry. Furthermore, she can even create or consume Takens to increase her power even further – as evidenced by being able to retake The Darkness itself!

This season’s Song of Ir Yut machine gun features the Sword Logic perk for powerful mob clearing when combined with Ad Clear amplification and targets with Barrier Champion shields. Furthermore, it can be combined with the Commemoration Arc Machine Gun which boasts an impressive base magazine size of 140 rounds to form an even more effective mob clearing weapon.

Rifleman’s Launcher

The Rifleman’s Launcher perk is ideal for any Auto Rifle user in PvE encounters, especially if they plan on using it regularly. When not firing your weapon, this perk automatically replenishes its magazine up to double its normal capacity when not fired – guaranteeing you never run out of ammunition when taking down multiple enemies at once! Furthermore, this perk works perfectly alongside damage-increasing perks such as Heritage’s increased Final Blow damage or Supremacy’s increased reload speed increase – guaranteeing never running out of ammunition when engaging multiple enemies simultaneously!

Pirrha, the Baron of Scorn is an expert Rifleman who uses his weapon with pinpoint accuracy over long range combat. This perk takes its name from Pirrha’s surname and grants a 5% damage bonus per shot from your primary weapon while simultaneously increasing range by five yards – helping you to strike even at those hard-to-hit foes from further away while never running out of ammo!

Rifleman’s Launcher also offers another beneficial perk called Fourth Time’s the Charm, which instantly generates two extra rounds when using class abilities to critically strike with them. This can help increase damage output when used with sniper rifles such as Rufus’ Fury or Salvation’s Grip linear fusion rifles; helping increase overall damage output.


Shotguns are an efficient and versatile weapon to clear Hive and Taken enemies in PvE content and shred other Guardians in Crucible PvP; however, their long reload times when facing high-damage foes such as Mini-Bosses or Bosses may hinder gameplay. To combat this issue, Bungie has introduced an S-Tier weapon perk called Reconstruction that gradually refills your magazine to decrease reload times when fighting Mini-Bosses and bosses.

Reconstruction increases your magazine capacity by 10% every two seconds when not firing, eventually overflowing it to double its normal size and eventually overflowing it completely. This perk can help minimize time spent reloading when facing high-damage enemies while pairing well with other perks which increase damage over time, stun Overload Champions temporarily or increase Final Blow damage output such as Rufus Fury or Feeding Frenzy.

Reconstruction can help maximize DPS with Sniper Rifles, Linear Fusion Rifles and Heavy weapons. For instance, Wastelander’s sniper rifle can be equipped with both this perk and Lightweight Frame Shotgun Perk Chill Clip to improve firing stability; creating an incredibly potent combination that one-shots high level bosses such as Overload Champion Shatter easily.

Owl is Flying Away can also benefit from this perk when equipped with the X-Drive and Shotgun Perk Field Prep to supply additional ammunition when necessary. Furthermore, pairing it with either the Assassin Perk Heal Clip or Until It’s Time can produce powerful combinations to quickly clear out enemies and destroy Raid Bosses quickly; particularly advantageous when playing raid groups together because it helps Guardians survive when bosses prove challenging to take down.

Grenade Launchers

Destiny 2’s top grenade launchers can provide crowd control, ad-clear, and high damage against bosses; though this varies between weapons depending on their unique perks. Salvagers Salvo from Monument of Lost Light stands out for its breach-load grenade launcher with impressive velocity and reload speeds as well as Origin Traits such as Heal Clip for primary weapons or Ambitious Assassin for grenades – these features make Salvagers Salvo an outstanding breach-load breach-load grenade launcher from Monument of Lost Light that comes equipped with Smallbore for reduced recoil. Its impressive breach-load launch speed matches up perfectly with Origin Traits like Heal Clip for primary weapons or Ambitious Assassin on grenades for optimal usage!

Doomed Petitioner stands out among shared-world shooter weapons as a top-tier grenade launcher with one of the game’s premier enhanced weapon perks – providing six Precision Instrument stacks per shot and increasing critical damage by up to 30% – ideal for PvE encounters and complementary to other perk that gradually increase damage over time such as Bray Inheritance on melee weapons or this Season’s Commemoration Arc Machine Gun.

Reconstruction, an S-tier perk that allows guns to fill to double their magazine capacity even when not firing, has quickly become a go-to perk for Guardians. First introduced with the Deep Stone Crypt raid, this perk works great with shotguns like Heritage or Lightweight Frame sniper rifles like Bad Juju; additionally it works well when combined with Origin Traits that increase impact damage such as Heal Clip and Ambitious Assassin on shotguns or Overload Champion stun perks on auto rifles like Rufus’ Fury.

Reconstruction on grenade launchers may prove even more useful; it reloads their magazine from reserves every four seconds when not fired, ensuring Guardians don’t run out of ammo during combat encounters. This perk pairs perfectly with Code Duello and Ammunition Requisite for improved clarity during fights; Fast Track and Until It’s Return are great complements that complement its effectiveness as well.