Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated February 6, 2024


Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish may have had a difficult start, but its new Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon has put smiles back on Guardians faces. This beautiful castle-themed dungeon contains angry Scorn and Taken and features three boss fights to ensure their satisfaction.

This dungeon boasts four Legendary weapons up for grabs as well as the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm – not to mention some interesting armor pieces!

1. Indebted Kindness

Since Season 23 launched, Guardians of Europe’s Dead Zone have faced off against Scorn, an evil Wish-Granting Dragon that’s stirring havoc throughout Europe’s Dead Zone and requires them to face challenging tasks to secure his bones before they fall into enemy hands. Rewards for this dungeon included new weapons and armor sets such as Indebted Kindness’s special archetype that offers benefits in both PvE and PvP builds as well as Naeem’s Lance’s unique arc frame frame dealing Void damage!

Guardians can find their new weapon in Warlord’s Ruin, a Scorn fortress taken over by bands of Scorn. To successfully navigate this dungeon, players must defeat Hefnd’s Vengeance – an extremely challenging Taken Ogre that requires skillful handling – before encountering Blighted Chimaera boss who introduces tag mechanics that require you to clean each small Scorn device before attacking him/her and destroy their Acolyte Eyes to extend damage phase further.

Guardians should also keep an eye out for Voltshot since Season of Plunder; its use increases weapon arc damage with each kill by providing an instantaneous Jolt when reloading after killing, making each shot easier to land and expanding their range. As this tier three god roll weapon expands damage range while increasing ammo economy it?s great for both PvE and PvP play alike.

There are four encounters in the Dungeon that offer weapons and armor pieces, with a chance of dropping either an Indebted Kindness, Naeem’s Lance or Voltshot at each encounter. As more Guardians succeed at defeating encounters and more gear drops more often in this dungeon, more loot may become available over time. Here is an early look at what loot might be found there – though this will surely change as new gear arrives more regularly in its place.

2. Dark Age Bow

Destiny 2 players have responded enthusiastically to Bungie?s Season of the Wish dungeon released December 1, with many considering it one of their finest so far. Warlord?s Ruin takes players through an ancient castle full of secrets and tension, featuring its three signature encounters as well as new weapons with Strand synergies.

As with other Destiny 2 dungeons, Warlord?s Ruin offers plenty of rewards that can be found throughout its encounters – weapons and armor alike can drop, so here is the loot table for this dungeon’s encounters to give an idea of the rewards available in each encounter.

Indebted Kindness is one of the most exciting new weapons to arrive in Destiny 2 Warlord?s Ruin. Part of the new Rocket Archetype Arc sidearms, it fires micro-homing rockets that cause serious damage in both PvE and PvP; making it an excellent option for Guardians who prefer ranged weapons.

Vengeful Whisper is an average Strand combat bow that has been overshadowed by the more popular Wish-Keeper exotic, but is an excellent option for players seeking something to help cleave through mobs of enemies quickly and efficiently.

Naeem’s Lance is one of the lesser-known weapons found in Destiny 2 Warlord?s Riin, but it remains an effective PvE weapon. Capable of high DPS output and boasting several useful bonuses that may aid players on their path towards Kill the Timed Destination, this caster bow delivers high DPS with plenty of advantages that may assist players on their quest towards killing timed destinations (KWTD).

The Buried Bloodline Exotic Void Sidearm is a reliable weapon to have in your arsenal, offering both PvE and PvP benefits.

Dark Age Armor set is an essential addition to any Guardian?s armor collection. Featuring rugged winter aesthetics and designed specifically for both Titans and Hunters. Furthermore, running the Dungeon on Master difficulty offers additional challenges while rewarding players with exclusive emblems and Exotic Ships!

3. Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm

The Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm is an unconventional weapon in that it does not fire bullets like traditional sidearms; rather, its tracking bolts leech health away from enemies instead. As one of the most anticipated Warlord’s Ruin weapons ever made public, video of its operation has already surfaced so players can get an idea of its potential before undertaking its difficult dungeon crawl to obtain one themselves.

Warlord’s Ruin, one of Destiny 2’s latest additions for Season of the Wish, recalls back to a time known as the Dark Age when powerful warlords battled Lightbearers on territorial matters. Warlord’s Ruin features three encounters that offer chances at unlocking a Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm featuring dual bolt firing mechanisms – something Warlord’s Ruin can offer!

To unlock their weapon, players will have to complete a series of puzzles throughout the dungeon. The first of these begins in a prison cell stage where players must shoot down and destroy Taken Blights to gain an Imminent Wish buff and activate several torches on the wall which must then be lit to progress further through their encounter.

Players will encounter torches at each encounter and must locate and activate them to progress further. There may also be hidden chests hidden away that players need to locate in order to unlock, though beware: some ‘chests’ could actually be decoys containing Screebs who will attempt to kill you as you open them!

After successfully navigating all encounters, players will be rewarded with the Buried Bloodline Exotic sidearm during the final boss encounter. Since this dungeon doesn’t require high level skill to navigate, most players should find this encounter easily accessible; just be sure to have either your best Titan build, Warlock build or Hunter build before entering it! Additionally, Dark Age armor available for every class class is awarded as part of this experience.

4. Dark Age Armor

Dungeons are often celebrated for their unique mechanics, but the loot they provide can often be just as crucial. Destiny 2 Warlord?s Ruin appears to be no exception, offering eye-catching snow survival armor sets for each Guardian class as well as an innovative weapon called Strand Bow that allows players to sever enemies with one shot if playing PvE mode. Furthermore, this set comes complete with various exciting perks that make it worth adding into any build.

The final encounter in the Dungeon of Lost Souls provides you with the chance to unlock both an Indebted Kindness Scout Bow and Naeem?s Lance Exotic Void sidearm that will significantly increase your damage output in PvP. These rewards are impressive enough, but you could also make out well by opening one or more secret bonus chests between encounters that feature no green glow surrounding them – you might just score yourself something spectacular there too.

Secret chests can be found throughout the dungeon, typically placed just past each of the Scorn devices that must be dismantled to reach the boss encounter. Each chest may contain one of two weapons: either the Indebted Kindness Lance weapon or Naeem?s Lance weapon; along with an item from the Dark Age Armor set; this winter-themed ensemble looks great on all three Guardian classes, while providing camouflage that matches any weapon sets you have earned.

Warlord?s Ruin will feature four weapons – making for a nice change from recent dungeons! However, collecting all of Warlord?s Ruin’s weapons will count towards winning Wrathbearer glory as well.