Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated February 22, 2024


Destiny 2 Warlords Ruin Loot Table Weapons  Armor

As you progress through Warlord?s Ruin, keep an eye out for red flags which will lead you towards puzzles and encounter Rathil, Broken Knight Chieftain. Here lies your first encounter!

This battle introduces a brand-new Taken enemy with unique mechanics, as well as debuting a brand-new weapon archetype: rocket sidearm “Indebted Kindness.”

Indebted Kindness

For players searching for their next Sidearm in Destiny 2, Warlord?s Ruin could be the solution. Introduced during Season of the Wish, this dungeon leads players through Hefnd’s castle in Europe’s Dead Zone where they’ll battle Scorn enemies while earning awesome gear as rewards.

Indebted Kindness is one of several new weapons released with this Dungeon that utilize a unique rocket-powered frame archetype and use Special ammo to fire micro-homing rocket rounds that give this Arc Sidearm an advantage against PvE enemies. Furthermore, its god roll pool includes Beacon Rounds and Voltshot which make this weapon useful in numerous situations.

Though this Sidearm may be worthy of its own post, the other weapons available within this dungeon don’t offer many novel options for PvE and PvP builds. There are a handful of swords, bows and even sniper rifles with Strand synergies for various locations and archetypes; however they do not represent major leaps forward in power levels or damage output.

The Dungeon also introduces new armor, including the Dark Age set that’s accessible to all classes. While these pieces don’t boast as impressive stats as an Exotic Sidearm or legendary ring would, they still offer valuable defense against Hefnd and his Scorn army.

As with previous dungeons, players can earn new armor pieces by collecting Bones of Hefnd throughout the dungeon and turning them in for chests at its conclusion.

Like other dungeons, this one features three encounters that each can give out gear drops. Below is a table listing all three encounters’ potential items so that you can decide which encounter is most likely to give Indebted Kindness and run it accordingly.

Exotic Buried Bloodlines

Destiny 2 fans have enthusiastically taken up Season of the Wish’s latest dungeon, the Ice-Cold Mountain Castle with its Scorn-ridden Revenants has proven an engaging challenge, engaging players as they battle Ahamkara-inspired baddies while picking up impressive loot. An Exotic sidearm, known as Indebted Kindness is amongst their favorites; featuring a special mechanic allowing it to shoot straight towards targets while dealing explosion and impact damage similar to that of a gyrojet!

Players should pursue another weapon: Exotic Buried Bloodlines is another intriguing sidearm weapon that offers unique perks that fit well with certain builds in PvE, such as its Intrinsic Trait for double firing tracking bolts, or its Violent Reanimation trait which inflicts multiple final blows against an enemy that drain their health away.

For this weapon to become available, you will have to complete all three encounters and defeat the final boss in Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon. As with previous Bungie dungeons, Bungie does not provide exact drop rates but it should not be hard for first timers to unlock one on their first run!

As for other items, players can get their hands on the Dark Age armor set, class-specific legendary gear chest, and several exotic cosmetic items. The Dark Age armor offers an appealing winter theme for each class to match its icy surroundings perfectly.

Class-specific legendary chests are also quite impressive, offering climbing rope, ice picks and other survival equipment as a reward for beating an entire dungeon. Finally, exotic cosmetics offer another reward; players can unlock new visors and emblems not available elsewhere for use as unique looks for their character – hopefully Bungie will add more loot as this season progresses!


Season 23 of Destiny 2 ushers in both an all-new dungeon and gear in its Warlord?s Ruin dungeon. Guardians can face three significant encounters that offer valuable rewards; these rewards may include weapons and armor sets as well as rare items that boost damage or regeneration abilities of their character.

Guardians looking to challenge the Dungeon should begin by purchasing a Dungeon Key from Hawthorne either in the Tower or at its node on the Destinations map for 2000 Silver. You can also access it through Hawthorne?s Eververse store; once purchased it may be used during any run of the dungeon regardless of whether or not you?ve previously completed it.

Warlord?s Ruin only features four weapons in terms of weapon categories – a sword, sniper rifle, sidearm and grenade launcher – though this may be somewhat disappointing as there are no general-use guns such as pulse rifle or hand cannon available for acquisition in this dungeon.

Once inside a dungeon, players will need to navigate a series of puzzles and fight multiple bosses – each providing its own challenge! Once familiar with how the game works, most encounters should become relatively straightforward – Rathil, the First Broken Knight Chieftain of Fikrul will drop an Exotic sword and armor set as their reward; Locus of Wailing Grief drops an armour set and class item while Hefnd?s Vengeance drops both a helmet and class item!

Each boss features its own battle mechanic that requires you to track multiple things simultaneously. Rathil’s Imminent Wish timer must not be activated while Hefnd’s Vengeance pits you against waves of Taken while using Ether totems as weapons in battle.

Dark Age

Bungie has released several dungeons for Destiny 2, offering players bite-sized endgame content that’s both interesting and rewarding. Warlord?s Ruin is an iron Lord-themed dungeon featuring snow survival gear for all three Guardian classes – as well as some innovative weapons with rocket ammo capabilities – available for grabs.

Indebted Kindness sidearm is the primary weapon, while players may also obtain one of two Secret weapon chests with the chance of dropping strand rifle or sniper frame weapons that provide more useable loot than typical dungeon loot and boost melee attack damage as an added perk.

Players can obtain not only the sidearm but also an Iron Lord helmet and chest that contain the legendary Dark Age armor set by completing Warlord?s Ruin?s main story and its associated quest. These items form part of a set of gear available through picking up Bones of Hefnd in various areas throughout Warlord?s Ruin.

As with other dungeons, the final encounter in any given dungeon can offer the chance of dropping an Exotic weapon or armor piece that increases chances of finding Legendary weapons or pieces from any encounter within that particular dungeon. A player can only acquire this item once every week on its hardest difficulty setting; only players on that particular difficulty level have access to its exclusive.

Start playing by visiting Ikora Ray in the Tower, picking up and accepting his Dungeon Quest, before heading over to EDZ and starting your quest. For optimal results, aim for power level 1790 or above as well as having a full Fireteam for optimal completion time. Checkpoints can be earned by switching characters frequently within a week (which hasn’t run Dungeon) while wiping at encounters they want to farm, then restarting it all with that character holding their checkpoint (along with earning checkpoints that way).