Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated March 3, 2024


Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish has kicked off with an array of new content, most notably Warlord?s Ruin, an immersive dungeon that has earned widespread praise among players.

The Dungeon features three encounters that lead up to a battle against Rathil, the initial Broken Knight chieftain. This article will describe their workings and offer guidance as to their loot distribution.

Indebted Kindness

Defeating Warlord?s Ruin in Destiny 2 can earn Guardians the Indebted Kindness Sidearm as one of several rewards, including Beacon Rounds exclusively available for rocket-assisted frames, and Voltshot which provides area-of-effect damage. As a new weapon and frame combination, it may take time for Guardians to adjust, yet its unique design makes it worth their while. Luckily it comes equipped with some solid perks – like Beacon Rounds perk which only applies exclusively rocket-assisted frames; plus Voltshot which provides reliable area-of-effect damage capabilities.

Indebted Kindness can drop from any encounter in a dungeon, meaning you won’t need to farm any particular checkpoint to obtain it. Unfortunately, however, its drop rate remains very rare and finding an ideal roll may require multiple runs in order to earn it.

Warlord?s Ruin offers many powerful weapons to explore; while Indebted Kindness stands out, others in Warlord?s Ruin also have their own individual appeal. Naeem’s Lance is great for PvE combat but may not justify spending so much time trying for an ideal roll when Last Wish offers Exotic Buried Bloodline instead.

The Dragon Cult Sickle is a formidable weapon in Crucible PvP, capable of dealing massive melee damage while charging and reloading. Additionally, this weapon features some exciting perks – Instigator allows an increase in attack speed when damage drops below an expected threshold, while Legendary Awakening grants additional movement speed and charge rate bonuses when killing monsters.

Vengeful Whisper

Season of the Wish has released a dungeon filled with amazing loot that awaits those willing to venture through its crumbling walls, but knowing which encounters will drop which weapons is key in planning successful runs. We have therefore made your quest simpler by compiling this list of all rewards available in this new dungeon and which encounters will drop them.

This dungeon boasts two secret bonus chests which will drop any weapon or armor piece you unlocked during boss encounters, providing a quick way to upgrade gear without doing all three encounters repeatedly. Running it on Master difficulty unlocks a special Warlord’s Ruin armor set.

Warlord’s Ruin is an ideal dungeon for Guardians of all levels to enjoy, featuring boss fights with unique mechanics that provide a difficult challenge and rewarding you with varied and valuable rewards. Completing it multiple times may prove worthwhile to obtain all available rewards lists.

From the four weapons found here, three have Strand energy type which will come in handy if you want to increase PvE damage or simply need an arrow swap combo. Unfortunately there isn’t one general-use weapon like a pulse rifle or hand cannon available that might make this Dungeon more enjoyable for everyone else.

Vengeful Whisper is a potency combat bow featuring an incredible god roll to enhance accuracy and make it perfect for PvE play, while it can also be utilized in PvP for long-range threats as it has the appropriate traits to do so.

The Buried Bloodlines Exotic Void Sidearm is another exceptional weapon to be found within this dungeon. Featuring its Hungering Quarrel Intrinsic Trait that causes your shots to track targets and leech health from them, as well as Violent Reanimation trait that grants devour upon multiple precise final blows, it makes an exciting weapon with potential in both PvE and PvP gameplay and will add great variety to any arsenal.

Dragon Cult Sickle

As you explore Warlord?s Ruin, keep an eye out for red flags scattered across the landscape to guide you to your first encounter. From there you must navigate a snowy peak before crossing a suspended bridge directly leading to the first boss of Warlord?s Ruin. Here, survival will be key as minor Taken enemies swarm around you making survival critical; therefore having either an optimal Titan, Warlock, or Hunter build is vitally important here.

Rathil, Broken Knight Chieftain will serve as your initial introduction to the main mechanic of this dungeon. When any boss or enemy drops a Scorn lantern in its radius, you must stand within its range in order to turn it into a Stasis totem and extend damage phase duration on Rathil by creating more Stasis totems than anyone else in its path. Each time this occurs will increase Naeem?s Wish Empowerment buff and thus extend damage phase on him further!

Once your first encounter is over, you’ll enter the stronghold itself and discover some Scorn and Taken-themed gear, including the new “Indebted Kindness weapon”, a Rocket Archetype Arc sidearm which fires micro-homing rockets. There is also a Dark Age armor set featuring one design for each class; finally there is also the Dragon Cult Sickle: an iron frame sword that provides both melee and ranged damage!

This weapon is an adequate choice for ad-clearing duty, though it wouldn’t make our list of Destiny 2 PvE’s top weapons. Still, it makes an effective addition to an experienced adventurer’s arsenal.

Once you defeat the final boss, you will be transported to the top of Castle Keep and given your loot. Depending on its tier, you may be able to farm it multiple times per week; however, Dungeon Exotic items must only be harvested on one character at any one time; to farm Buried Bloodlines across multiple characters at the same time simply wipe during your initial run and log back in later with another account that hasn’t played this week’s Dungeon Dungeon run before continuing further runs of the Dungeon Dungeon!

The Legendary Strand Bow

Warlord’s Ruin, Bungie’s latest dungeon for Destiny 2, invites players to invade an atmospheric castle high above Europa to fight Scorn and Taken forces. Bungie continues their tradition of creating environments which are visually striking while exuding atmosphere, giving Guardians the chance to earn some pretty spectacular weapons along their journey.

Loot for this dungeon may not be quite as plentiful as The Taken King, but it still offers several decent weapons and armor pieces worth checking out. Of note is the Legendary Strand Bow for bow enthusiasts in PvP: its combination of Hipfire Grip and Offhand Strike increases shot accuracy when using the bow; plus it has multiple-arrow capabilities at once as well as anti-barrier rounds to add further intrigue!

Heavy Grenade Launchers are another worthy addition to any DPS build, as they boast impressive perk selection such as Demolitionist (adds extra damage to explosions), Hatchling (creates Threadlings for Precision Final Blows), and Slice (imposes Sever debuff when attacking).

Although it might not make an immediate impactful statement in either PvE or PVP metas, Warlord’s Ruin’s Buried Bloodline sidearm offers one of the finest guns currently available to players. Additionally, its potential lies within being upgraded by Bungie over time to become even more potency weaponry.

Next time you venture into Warlord’s Ruin dungeon, be sure to familiarize yourself with all these weapons and armor – you’ll be better prepared to claim its rewards. Good luck!