Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated March 7, 2024


Destiny 2 players have been eagerly awaiting the debut of Warlord?s Ruin in Destiny 2, but many are curious as to which encounters will yield Legendary or Exotic weapons and armor drops. Here is a table which breaks down these weapons to identify which encounters may supply them.

First up is Indebted Kindness, a bow that introduces a new Rocket Sidearm archetype. PvP fans will be charmed by its advantages; PvPers especially will appreciate Hipfire Grip and Offhand Strike features of this weapon.

1. Indebted Kindness

Bungie has introduced a brand new dungeon in Destiny 2, known as Warlord?s Ruin, that transports Guardians to a derelict castle located within Europe?s Dead Zone that is controlled by Scorn and Taken bands. This new dungeon offers three boss fights as well as the chance of dropping some of the game?s new gear? including legendary weapons and armor along with an Exotic weapon drop! Here is the full list of weapon and armor drops found within this dungeon

This dungeon is ideal for snipers and fusion rifles, as its enemies have tight damage windows that require pinpoint accuracy and rapid reload speed to prevail. Look out for the powerful Indebted Kindness rocket sidearm; this weapon uses Special ammo and when combined with Hungering Quarrel Intrinsic Traits that double fire tracking bolts that drain health from targets as well as Impulse Amplifier Traits which increase reload speed can prove particularly effective in PvP scenarios.

There are also multiple armor sets you can equip in this dungeon, including Winter Survival and Tactical gear sets. Of particular note for Guardians are the Indebted Kindness pieces which provide benefits like high hip-fire accuracy after Critical Strike as well as decent stability stats.

Warlord?s Ruin features more than weapons and armor; there are also exotic cosmetic items to collect, including new Ship, Sparrow and emblems. Keep an eye out for Buried Bloodlines weapons which deal Void damage; their Violent Reanimation trait grants Devour when landing multiple final blows against an opponent – these could prove particularly effective in PvP situations!

Though it may appear that there aren’t many weapons to chase here, this dungeon contains four Legendary and one Exotic weapons – similar to other Destiny 2 dungeons; therefore it will be worthwhile running several times to try and acquire these guns.

2. Exotic Buried Bloodlines

As with the other dungeons in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish, players can earn a new Exotic weapon every time they run Warlord?s Ruin. Specifically, players can unlock Buried Bloodlines Exotic sidearm by defeating Hefnd?s Vengeance as well as completing certain Triumphs within its depths? as with most Exotic drops usually within 5-7% range. Bungie has not provided exact drop rates of these Exotic weapons related to specific dungeons but are typically within that range.

This weapon is ideal for PvE fans who enjoy running Void builds, as it includes the exotic perks Indebted Kindness (increases hip-fire accuracy while the rifle is pointed down sights) and Revengeful Whisper (adds precision after using an Impact Finisher). Though this Exotic sidearm provides solid performance in PvE games, other more potent alternatives exist within the game that provide even greater benefits.

Naeem?s Lance and Dragon Cult Sickle are also noteworthy Warlord’s Ruin weapons worth noting, although their appeal may not match that of Indebted Kindness. While neither offer as many features, both provide interesting benefits – for instance the former being especially good at clearing AoE add-clearing in PvP thanks to perks such as Successful Warm-up and High-Drydge Shots; while latter one makes for good damage from long range for casters.

To obtain these weapons, it will require you to complete three Warlord?s Ruin encounters each with its own boss who can drop one of the items listed below. Each encounter also contains a secret chest where any weapons or armor obtained in previous dungeons in this season might also be stored.

At this point, things really begin to heat up: you must complete a parkour puzzle that involves jumping between various rocky outcroppings on the mountainside in order to earn the Imminent Wish buff and activate all darkness totems around you. Once it runs out, it is time for Hefnd’s Vengeance battle; success here depends on activating all totems quickly in an efficient manner.

3. Helmet

Warlord?s Ruin, recently released with Season of the Wish, brings players to an Ahamkara castle high up in the mountains of EDZ to take down an Ahamkara threat. Boss mechanics offer unique challenges and some of the game’s finest loot, making Warlord?s Ruin an enormously popular Destiny 2 activity. In order to complete it they need at least level 1790; this guide contains everything players will need such as ideal gear suggestions and DPS strategies against bosses!

As you progress through the dungeon, managing Imminent Wish status and seizing Ether totems when they appear is key to swift advancement through it. Your Imminent Wish status can be found in the lower left corner of your screen; Ether totem captures will move it forward; this mechanism determines how fast you advance.

Surviving this dungeon will require being vigilant against Taken enemies that spawn Screebs to kill you; to find two secret chests within it and maximize loot, be wary when opening each one – some may be decoys that will unleash Screebs that kill you instantly! When looking at each chest carefully for activation, watch for its blue mist emanating from within it when close enough to activate it.

After you complete the dungeon, you will receive the Legendary Strand Bow, one of the most prized weapons in the game, and an Exotic Void Sidearm obtained through one of the boss encounters in it. Both items are extremely sought-after by PvP and PvE players – make sure to grab these before someone else does!

Destiny 2 dungeons offer some of the most exciting endgame content, and Warlord?s Ruin is no exception. Boasting beautiful scenery, incredible loot drops, and three boss encounters, this dungeon should not be missed by players of any skill level. If you need help navigating its challenges, this guide provides everything from ideal weapon loadouts and gear suggestions to tactics for success – providing everything needed for successful playthrough.

4. Exotic Void

As Destiny 2 fans wait patiently for its next major expansion to arrive, Bungie has provided Guardians a new way of earning some of the game’s most sought-after rewards – an exclusive armor set and special Exotic sidearm named Buried Bloodlines have both become available at Warlord?s Ruin.

Combatting and clearing Warlord?s Ruin unlocks an armor set called Dark Age. This set features rugged snow designs to complement its setting in Warlord?s Ruin, such as climbing rope and ice picks as well as fur accents and gold visors? all ideal rewards for taking on such a difficult challenge! It is available across classes and makes an appropriate reward.

Warlord?s Ruin offers players another powerful bow weapon: the Indebted Kindness bow. As part of its bow archetype, it excels both in PvE and PvP combat with two special perk features that enhance its accuracy for PvP battles.

Players who complete a dungeon have a chance at acquiring the Exotic Void weapon, which can be used with all weapons in Warlord?s Ruin. With its fast and powerful damage dealing capabilities, it should become essential for maximizing weapon potential within Warlord?s Ruin.

Players will also find three additional items in the dungeon that are in addition to weapons and armor sets; among these is a shield designed to block incoming damage; another item is a legendary sword with high damage potential and critical hits; lastly there is a chest which can be obtained simply by gazing upon it for an instant in any room; not be mistaken with decoys that summon Screebs that kill players!

Players should keep in mind that the new dungeon won’t become part of the weekly featured raid or dungeon rotation until Season of the Wish comes to a close at the end of June. That means players only have three chances each week to complete it, earning all its rewards and receiving them via Bungie Rewards from Bungie Store. Successful participants will earn both an exclusive reversible vest and completion pin from Bungie Store!