Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table – Indebted Kindness

updated February 8, 2024


Destiny 2’s newly released dungeon on December 1 tasks players with hunting down Ahamkara bones within an overrun castle held by Scorn and Taken forces, offering both challenging yet rewarding experiences with incredible loot like the Buried Bloodline exotic sidearm as rewards.

Warlord?s Ruin is one of Destiny 2 dungeons that is farmable; all it requires is knowing the ropes.

Indebted Kindness

Destiny 2 fans were delighted to discover a brand-new dungeon full of Exotic weapons and armor recently, known as Warlord?s Ruin. Scorn had taken control of this castle located in Europe’s Dead Zone and offered four rewards; most notable among these being Indebted Kindness’s rocket-powered sidearm that’s drawing lots of interest among Guardians. Below you can learn everything there is about this unique weapon!

Indebted Kindness is the world’s first rocket-assisted sidearm, making it a relatively recent addition to the game’s arsenal. It offers a decent perk pool including Beacon Rounds and Voltshot for PvE battles; however, many players tend to favor more traditional guns like snipers or hand cannons for PvP battles, so it will be fascinating to observe its reception within this meta.

The Indebted Kindness rocket-powered sidearm is an intriguing weapon in that it uses Special ammo, increasing damage output significantly. While this may only seem like a minor benefit in PvE mode, in PvP it may make all the difference. Either way, this exciting weapon should keep players entertained!

Warlord?s Ruin boasts many specialized weapons, and one such is this hip-fire rifle which makes for an excellent PvP weapon. With high hip-fire accuracy after Critical Strike and great stability – both qualities which should help it take on some of the heaviest damage in PvP combat – its Hipfire rifle should make for an invaluable addition to any PvE or PvP rotation.

Indebted Kindness can drop from all three encounters in the Dungeon, providing ample chances to pick it up during runs. Furthermore, its high chance of dropping should make it ideal for speed runners looking to practice speed runs while its Master difficulty availability presents players looking for the ultimate gear an additional challenge.

Vengeful Whisper

Warlord?s Ruin marks the debut of Destiny 2?s latest weapon – Vengeful Whisper is a combat bow capable of dealing Strand damage while offering an exclusive perk combo that enhances its power; making it a strong candidate for PvE ranged weapons.

With the proper perks, Vengeful Whisper is an effective PvP weapon thanks to its high mobility and ability to sever enemies on impact. This caster bow adds another powerful weapon into Guardians’ arsenal and will provide them with something new during Season of Wish.

Bungie typically introduces new weapons or armor pieces at each encounter of its dungeons; with some items, like an exotic Void Sidearm, being available only after multiple runs through. Players needing it must complete all runs before being able to acquire it – this may take multiple runs before they acquire it!

Regarding the new armor set, the Dark Age armor set is an ideal option for Guardians looking to improve their melee and sniper damage. Offering a balance of stats and abilities with special weapon spec for each class to enable an attack shield to appear more frequently, this set makes a fantastic statement of intent from any Guardian looking to elevate their melee or sniper damage capabilities.

One of the more intriguing features of this dungeon is that it features many false chests scattered throughout. Some contain treasure, while others may unleash an army of Screebs upon opening. Players should only open those without blue glowing effects as this could potentially have catastrophic results.

Bungie has released their new dungeon as part of a soft launch phase and plans to officially release it after Season of the Wish ends on December 15. However, there may be additional content released later on for it in much the same manner as Ghosts of the Deep and Spire of the Watcher were made available based on what their community needed most.

Dragon Cult Sickle

Destiny 2 fans eagerly anticipate the next major expansion and, to pass the time while waiting for it, are in need of as much content as they can find – including new dungeon Warlord?s Ruin that offers weapons and armor drops – including an exotic sidearm! Nestled high up in the mountains above EDZ lies Warlord?s Ruin, an Scorn/Taken filled castle filled with weapons. Tuned for PVE content challenges it requires high level characters with well-balanced builds as well as friends in order to defeat Rathil/First Broken Knight of Fikrul/Locus of Wailing Grief/Hefnd?s Vengeance!

This dungeon offers many surprises, from brand new weapons and armor with an alluring winter motif, to collectibles that require some effort to find.

At the dungeon, one of the best rewards to be earned is Dragon Cult Sickle caster sword. Boasting some unique perks that increase its damage output while keeping its handling reasonable, as well as one which enables faster recharging when enemies near oneself, it makes for an excellent addition.

Guardians can gain this weapon by completing encounters in Warlord?s Ruin dungeon. This can be accomplished by finding gears in their environment that can be seen when hovering the cursor over them and shooting them to trigger encounters and complete them – each encounter requires its own unique tactics but uses similar mechanics overall.

First up in the Dungeon is a boss fight with Fikrul. To beat him, players need to break his immunity phase by standing within one of his Scorn devices and cleansing its small amounts of Taken until its radius glows blue.

Once they’ve defeated the first boss, players can head back to the center area of the dungeon and find an orb as additional gear – offering numerous perks suitable for both PvE and PvP builds, such as increasing damage done by melee attacks and offering bonus attacks upon first hitting every combat encounter.

Exotic Void Sidearm

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish has introduced Guardians to a gorgeous castle-themed dungeon called Warlord’s Ruin that doesn’t require them to grind power level for participation, providing every Guardian class with eye-catching snow survival armor sets as well as an innovative new weapon and an Exotic sidearm aimed at taking down Blighted Chimeras.

The four weapons included in the Dungeon are worthy additions to each class’s arsenals; it would have been nice, however, to see more general-use guns such as hand cannons or pulse rifles included as well. Of note are Indebted Kindness bow and Naeem’s Lance; both deliver excellent damage output for PvP builds due to increased hip fire accuracy. Vengeful Whisper and Dragon Cult Sickle swords will allow players to cut through mobs of enemies easily while not quite being as powerful as some other Destiny 2 PvE weapons available elsewhere in Destiny 2.

Buried Bloodline stands to become a highly prized Exotic in both PvE and PvP builds alike, providing strength in Void Tracking builds with leeching rounds that deplete health as they track an enemy, as well as its Catalyst effect that lowers health while tracking. Furthermore, PvP players will find advantage using its special ammo that fires two Void Tracking Bolts instead of just one, and its ability to reduce targets with multiple Final Blows.

Each encounter offers players more than weapons and Exotics; players can pick up some gear as well as unique weapon spawns for use during the final boss fight. The table below details these rewards from each encounter as well as their chances for being found. It was created using results of numerous runs by community members, so should serve as an indicator of what players can expect when running Warlord?s Ruin. It includes weapon spawns that may change between runs as well as chances for secret chests to appear; only the initial chest spawned will contain gear.