Destiny 2 Warlord’s Ruin Loot Table

updated December 8, 2023


Destiny 2 Warlords Ruin Loot Table Weapons  Armor

Destiny 2’s newly released dungeon on December 1 transports Guardians into the cold outskirts of Europe’s Dead Zone to search for Ahamkara bones within an overrun castle overrun by Taken and Scorn forces. Loot includes new weapons and armor – such as the amazing Strand Bow that comes equipped with powerful advantages.

The primary mechanic of the Dungeon involves clearing away Taken blight devices created by each boss by standing in them. These can drop weapons and armor, with duplicates available from one of two hidden chests within.

1. Bow

Destiny 2’s Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon transports players to a remote castle overrun by Scorn, and players will spend much of their time fighting them. Additionally, this dungeon features secret treasure chests which may hold weapons. It has three significant boss fights along its course and here is a look at some of the gear dropped as you traverse this dungeon.

Warlord’s Ruin’s opening major encounter pits you against Rathil, a Scorn chieftain armed with the Exotic Marvel Buried Bloodline crossbow, which fires two bolts that lock onto targets while also sucking away some of their health when hit. Additionally, its Hipfire Grip provides good accuracy while Final Blow activates an instant debuff which slows enemies down for a moment after scoring kills.

This bow could be one of the most fascinating weapons in all of dungeon, especially for PvP players who prefer using their arrows for ranged damage. This Tier 1 Legendary bow features an incredible perk combo in Voltshot that increases both its reload speed and maximum velocity of your shots – something which fits in well with Dark Age history, when Lightbearers were warlords fighting over territories.

Indebted Kindness is another notable drop, being the first Legendary sidearm to debut under the Rocket-Assisted Frame archetype in the game. Utilizing special ammo, this sidearm deals considerable damage in both PvE and PvP scenarios – definitely something worth pursuing, though its firepower may not match up to preferred guns such as snipers or fusion rifles for some users.

2. Sword

Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish event has introduced several new weapons and challenges – as well as Warlords Ruin – which will take players through an Ice Age castle overrun by Scorn for high-level loot and additional Triumphs. It released on December 1st.

Warlords Ruin is the latest dungeon to be unlocked, featuring several encounters each with its own set of mechanics and rewards for completion: some puzzles may require logic-based solutions while others offer complex boss fights; each challenge offers something rewarding as a prize, whether that means new loot or unlocking more Triumphs for this dungeon.

Warlords Ruin opens with players being transported into jail cells and asked to solve a straightforward puzzle. Each cell features a number on the floor pointing toward a skeleton in it – this number serves as a tally mark indicating how many dials need shooting in which direction (clockwise or anticlockwise) for its door to open and reveal loot. Secondly is another boss fight, this time with an added twist: players must kill waves of Taken until Taken Eyes appear around Blighted Chimera until Taken Eyes appear around Blighted Chimera until two Scorn minibosses appear and need cleaning by standing near them – before opening its door!

Once players have defeated all of the Scorn and various trolls that populate a dungeon, there will still be additional treasure chests hidden throughout it that contain loot for players to discover. Although this won’t compare to legendary weapon loot found here, they still offer valuable upgrades for players’ weapons and armor.

The final encounter in the Dungeon pits players against Hefnd’s Vengeance, an intimidating Taken ogre. Like previous bosses in this dungeon, this encounter requires players to defeat it by destroying its devices; these are similar to effigies but with some differences; for instance Hefnd can initially remain immune in combat; this vulnerability can be reduced by dismantling devices surrounding it and creating Taken Eyes that appear.

3. Sidearm

Warlord’s Ruin’s sidearm is an effective weapon for all classes and one of the primary attractions of Warlord’s Ruin for hunters. Its main selling point is its new rocket-assisted frame weapon subtype, which may seem rare but is actually quite plentiful; additionally, the Indebted Kindness sidearm boasts impressive PvE and PvP benefits as an Exotic weapon!

Warlord’s Ruin opens with a boss battle between Fikrul and Argoth, featuring both familiar mechanics as well as some new ones. Breaking its immunity phase requires cleansing as many small Scorn devices containing Taken blight to emit blue glow once cleansed – once all six devices have been cleansed, Argoth becomes vulnerable for the duration of this fight!

Once you’ve cleared out the jail, two additional encounters become available – one a boss battle against an enormous Taken ogre, while the second employs a Taken effigy mechanic like in the previous encounter.

Warlord’s Ruin features three encounters that contain four weapons in total, similar to what can be found elsewhere. While this might not seem like much, this should give Guardians plenty of opportunities to acquire an Exotic sidearm such as Buried Bloodline.

Warlord’s Ruin concludes with Guardians traveling to a castle-inspired area, complete with secret treasure chests and traps that contain rare loot – including an Exotic sidearm!

Bungie may be adhering to their policy of not offering guns from a new season before its predecessor has run its course, yet some players might find completing this dungeon worth their while due to its sidearm that can break barriers between champions.

4. Bow & Sword

The four weapons found within this dungeon may seem inconsequential, but they are an accurate representation of Destiny 2’s gun types. For instance, Sidearm Indebted Kindness offers one of the best rocket-assisted frame weapons currently available in game and features an excellent ammo economy; PvE players will want to consider adding this gun if they wish to keep up with new damage windows. Furthermore, two additional guns introduce Strand synergies across multiple places and archetypes, giving Guardians an even larger variety of play styles than previously available!

Bow and sword players now have two viable melee options for melee builds in the form of Sword of Unforgiven; an anvil-shaped weapon with an incredible ranged attack that pierces enemies’ armour. Redeemer bow can also provide fast reload times and Precision Final Blow threadling creation capabilities; finally the Hammer of Wrath perk adds even more punch to this weapon’s melee attacks!

Guardians will soon encounter their first major encounter in Warlord?s Ruin: a fight against Scorn Chieftain Rathil from Scorn Chieftain Rathil’s Scorn Gang. This encounter should be familiar to players familiar with Season of the Wish dungeons that feature large boss fights that require precise coordination and strategic solutions in order to overcome.

Hefnd’s Vengeance, an Ahamkara who stands in danger of having its bones taken by others, features a memorable boss battle that also incorporates some of the dungeon’s other mechanics, such as puzzles and special rewards. Success in defeating Hefnd’s Vengeance will earn you an exclusive Collector?s Item through Bungie Rewards; to find out more visit their page here.

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