Destiny 2 Weapons and Perk Guide – Reconstruction

updated March 3, 2024


Bungie recently unveiled new weapon perks in Destiny 2 this season, such as Reconstruction; an S-tier perk which slowly refills weapons magazines up to double capacity.

Impact damage boosting perks, like Enhanced Killing Tally on snipers and Cold Comfort and Bray Inheritance on kinetic auto rifles, as well as Origin Traits that incapacitate Overload Champions such as Heal Clip and Target Lock work well together to maximize damage output.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are essential tools for clearing away Hive and Taken enemies in PvE, while taking down other Guardians in Crucible PvP. However, their lengthy reload times can make keeping pace with high-damage foes such as Mini-Bosses and Bosses challenging – hence why Bungie created the S-tier weapon perk Reconstruction which allows sniper rifles to slowly refill every four seconds when not firing by drawing from reserves until their double their normal capacity capacity is achieved – pairing perfectly with other weapon perk such as Target Lock with Bait and Switch or Origin Trait Cursed Thrall which stuns Overload Champions while simultaneously increasing Final Blow damage output.

Reconstruction is an impressive gun perk that can be found across Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and Auto Rifle categories. Sniper rifle players may especially appreciate this perk’s impact as it dramatically reduces reload times on these powerful weapons; keeping enemies engaged for longer while simultaneously dealing maximum damage. Pair it with other perks that increase damage-to-armor ratio such as Fourth Time’s the Charm or Rufus Fury God Rolls for maximum effectiveness as well as Origin Traits like Chill Clip which increase handling, range and recoil control on these powerful weapons for maximum efficiency!

Reconstruction for Shotguns provides a fantastic balance of utility and damage as it increases magazine size by 10% every second it remains unstrikeable, ultimately increasing to double its normal capacity after four seconds have elapsed without being fired upon. It is especially helpful for shots using abilities that accumulate damage over time such as Target Lock or Feeding Frenzy; similarly it is ideal for long reload times such as Heritage’s increased Final Blow damage.

Reconstruction can be an ideal perk choice for Auto Rifles as it drastically decreases reload times while providing their user with one additional round of ammunition per second they are not shooting. It works particularly well when combined with other damage-to-armor reduction perks like Fourth Time’s the Charm or Rufus Ferocity to provide even faster loading speeds and increased damage-to-armor ratio reduction.


The new Season brings with it an incredible range of shotguns that Guardians can utilize both in PvE and Crucible, such as the powerful Supercluster. Equipped with high-tier weapon perks such as Opening Shot and Fragile Focus, this weapon boasts precision and damage benefits which increase DPS making it even more suitable for high enemy density activities.

Shotguns also benefit from the S-tier Reconstruction perk, which refills their magazine up to double its regular capacity when not fired. This feature makes reloading weapons much simpler when shooting multiple times at enemies at once and pairs perfectly with impact damage boosters like Heritage’s increased Final Blow damage.

Reconstruction is a great solution for shotguns that require frequent reloading, as it reduces reload time significantly. This is particularly advantageous with quick-fire models like Heritage or Supercluster which may overcharge their magazines through rapid bursts of shots.

Sniper Rifles may often outshout Shotguns in terms of damage output in PvP battles, but Bungie recently issued a mid-Season balance update which gave these weapons a much needed reserve boost and reduced recoil, making them even more suitable options for players looking to tackle difficult challenges or raids with high difficulty levels.

Shotguns can make use of high-tier weapon perks to further their overall effectiveness, including Cold Comfort and Krux Termination grenade launchers as great choices for PvE play due to their versatile features and high damage output.

These guns work extremely well when combined with Origin Traits that reduce reload times, such as Until It’s Return or Bray Inheritance. Furthermore, their clear amplification perk makes them useful in crowd control situations or heavy enemy clearing encounters.

Auto Rifles are among the most beloved PvE weapons in Destiny, particularly Vanguard Ops and Nightfall. Designed to quickly mob enemies with high DPS and reliable accuracy, these guns make for excellent choice when playing PvE in open areas such as Vanguard Ops or Nightfall. Their short recharge periods make them highly effective against enemies during PvP battles; thus enhancing their effectiveness with Bait & Switch or Emergency Reload reload perks, or the powerful Reconstruction perk which increases gun’s magazine size when not being fired upon.

Grenade Launchers

No matter whether it be clearing away waves of enemies or engaging Guardians in Crucible PvP, having the right weapon is key to your success. Destiny 2’s 19th update brings with it an array of weapons and perks sure to help create your ideal loadout – with six brand new Deep Stone Crypt weapons joining an assortment of familiar favorites with updated perk pools; there is plenty to keep an eye out for this season!

Reconstruction, originally found only alongside Deep Stone Crypt, can now be found on most shotguns and grenade launchers thanks to its enhanced version. This S-Tier weapon perk reduces magazine refill times by 10% every four seconds when the gun isn’t firing, effectively overfilling its capacity up to twice its normal capacity; perfect for weapons like Heritage with increased Final Blow damage or Cold Comfort’s lengthy reload times.

Reconstruction can be especially helpful for grenade launchers, decreasing reload rates by up to 50 percent every four seconds when not firing and overfilling your magazine to twice its normal capacity. This makes Reconstruction perfect for shortening downtime between rounds while still having enough rockets available to take down tough enemies or raid bosses – and works even better when combined with Origin Traits like Field Prep, Clown Cartridge or Until It’s Return which improve reload speed and stability.

Quicksilver Storm, an exotic auto rifle available to Crafters through Root of Nightmares raid, features many amazing perks worth taking note of for grenade launchers. Most notable among them is Grenade Chaser, which converts enemy missile hits into grenades that can be fired in secondary shooting mode for mob clearing and can especially benefit when engaging in Last Wish raid. Furthermore, it works great in combination with Ammo Overload or Heal Clip to increase explosive damage output further.

Auto Rifles

Bungie introduced Reconstruction as one of its S-Tier weapon perks in Season 21 alongside Deep Stone Crypt, providing it a weapon perk with incredible utility: slowly refilling magazines from reserve when not firing can gradually increase capacity up to twice its normal amount, making this particularly helpful on weapons such as shotguns or grenade launchers that deal accumulated damage; its benefits make reload times between attacks shorter while always having enough ammo available to take down Overload Champion shields in raid battles; pairing well with Heal Clip or Ambitious Assassin for maximum efficiency when targeting Overload Champion shields or any perks that provide additional effects when targeting Overload Champions while simultaneously increasing Final Blow damage is another advantage to having more ammo available when fighting Overload Champions shields in raid battles;

Reconstruction is an excellent choice for machine guns that use up a lot of ammunition, such as the Commemoration Arc Machine Gun introduced this Season, that utilizes lots of ammo. Expanding magazine size while auto-reloading will enable players to focus more on shooting down enemies and taking down bosses without stopping and reloading between rounds – perfect for increasing DPS on PvE content or dominating Crucible battlegrounds!

Reconstruction may not be ideal for use on heavy slug shotguns like Heritage, Field Prep and Clown Cartridge or Lightweight Frame snipers such as Thresh and Pugilist; however it’s a fantastic addition for grenade launchers with high impact damage, such as Nzar Nzar’s Aggressive Frame rocket launcher or Void Void Machine Gun Corrective Measures as its increased energy for projectile kills grants more of a boost to impact damage when impacting. By extension, Tharsis and Demolitionist will apply their energy boost when killing projectile kills ensuring more projectile kills keep flying longer in order to hit harder upon impact causing more impact damage upon impact ensuring more damage upon impact upon impact!

Reconstruction stands out from its counterparts as an easy, passive perk that doesn’t require special requirements to unlock, making it accessible for players of all skill levels to use on any weapon they desire. Thanks to this trait and its high value, Reconstruction stands as one of the best weapon perks available to them in Destiny 2 weapon perk collections.