Kiriko Guide: Mastering Overwatch 2’s Agile Support Hero


Kiriko is a versatile support hero in Overwatch 2, blending nimble mobility with potent healing and damage capabilities. This guide offers an in-depth look at Kiriko’s abilities, playstyle, and tips to maximize her potential on the battlefield.

Kiriko’s Abilities Overview

Kiriko’s skill set allows her to swiftly navigate the battlefield, provide critical healing to allies, and fend off enemies with precise attacks.

  • Healing Ofuda: Kiriko throws paper talismans that heal allies.
  • Kunai: A secondary attack that deals significant damage, especially on critical hits.
  • Swift Step: Teleport directly to an ally, even through walls, enhancing Kiriko’s mobility.
  • Protection Suzu: Throws a bell that grants temporary invincibility to nearby allies.
  • Ultimate – Kitsune Rush: Unleashes a spirit fox that speeds up ally movement, attack, and ability recharge rates.

Gameplay Strategies

Positioning and Mobility

Kiriko’s mobility is her greatest asset. Use Swift Step to keep pace with advancing allies or retreat from threats. Positioning is key; stay near cover and maintain line of sight with your team to maximize healing and damage output.

Healing Prioritization

Focus on keeping frontline fighters and key damage dealers in the fight with Healing Ofuda. Kiriko’s ability to quickly switch focus is crucial in heated battles.

Offensive Play

Don’t shy away from using Kiriko’s Kunai to finish off weakened enemies or apply pressure. Her high damage potential can turn the tide of an engagement.

Utilizing Protection Suzu

Protection Suzu is best used reactively to counter enemy ultimates or secure critical objectives. Timing is everything, as the invincibility it grants can save your team from certain defeat.

Maximizing Kitsune Rush

Kiriko’s ultimate, Kitsune Rush, can significantly boost your team’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Coordinate with your team to unleash it during crucial pushes or to defend against aggressive attacks.

Advanced Tips

  • Master wall climbing to access vantage points or escape danger.
  • Practice throwing Protection Suzu with precision to maximize its impact.
  • Kitsune Rush can be a game-changer when used to counter enemy ultimates or to enhance your team’s push.


Kiriko’s blend of healing, damage, and mobility makes her a formidable support hero in Overwatch 2. By mastering her abilities and understanding her role in team compositions, players can unlock Kiriko’s full potential, turning the tide of battles and leading their team to victory.

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