• 4/5 T6 Thunderheart set (balance spec)
  • Full T5 Nordrassil set x2 to play Balance spec and Feral spec
  • There is a lot of gear to play Restoration or Feral (check Armory)
  • There is also some Resist-Shadow gear
  • A lot of BiS from P2 & P3
  • Band of the Eternal Sage, BiS ring from Hyjal’s Reputation
  • The Nexus Key
  • 36 badges of Justice
  • 6000 honors
  • 500 arena points
  • 100% riding mount, 60% flying mount
  • Enchanting 375/375 and Leatherworking 375/375
  • All TBC attunes are done
  • 2 months subscription
  • Transfer available to any realm (even PVP)

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