High End Paladin


High-End Holy / Protection Paladin | 2 Proto-Drakes [Glory of the Raider] 
  • Titles: the Immortal – the Undying – the Nightfall – the Argent Champion -Twilight Vanquisher – Hand of A’dal – Champion of the Frozen Wastes
  • Black Proto-Drake (from Glory of the Raider 25)
  • Plagued Proto-Drake (from Glory of the Raider 10)
  • Amani War Bear Mount
  • 4.364K Holy Gearscore
  • 4.294K Protection Gearscore
  • Full Enchants + Gems
  • Dual Spec
  • Comes with 6K Golds
  • Northrend Fly Unlocked
  • Subscription until Feb 18
  • Transfer Available

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