✨ Product information 
Region: EU
Country of Residence : Italia
Server: Mograine
Class: Hunter
Race: Orc
Level: 80
✨ Description
• Titles like : the Explorer, Twilight Vanquisher, Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Merrymaker, of the Nightfall, the Undying
• BiS Gun (Magnetized Projectile Emitter)
• Mechano-hog, Armored Brown Bear, Black War Mammoth, Sea Turtle, Plagued Proto-Drake (310%) and other mounts
• 4140 achievements points
• 4854 GearScore, 227 ilvl
• 123 Emblem of Valor
• One achievement left to get Rusted Proto Drake
• Full access provided
• Transfer available
• Comes with 5000gold
• EUR as currency on account, no issues on the shop
• Clean ticket history, no ID has been given to the support, which means it will make things easier in case you want to change the name of account.

✨BONUS : Druid 80 Tauren Female on Ashbringer 4k GS

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