Shaman Gladiator S5


✨ Product information 
Region: EU (United Kingdom)
Server: Transfer included to the realm of your choice
Class: Shaman
Race: Draeneï
Level: 80
• Screenshots:
• Armory:
✨ Description
• Season 5 Gladiator (title, mount in bags)
• Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Gladiator, Rival, Duellist, as titles…
• Jewelry + Inscription Maxed
• 4042 Gearscore in PvE, 4217 in PvP
• Full Enchants and Gems
• Transfer Available
• Character Boost Ready to Use
• Dual Talent Learned
• Fake BattleNet Name (“—“)
• Full access provided
• EUR as currency on account, no issues with the shop.
• We can update the country of residence to yours without any risk so you can attach an authenticator + sms protection, this service is charged 29,99$
• Clean ticket history, no ID has been given to the support, which means it will make things easier in case you want to change the name of account.

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  • Engineering, Jewelry maxed
  • Rivendare Charger, Zulian Tiger, S5 Gladiator Mount, PvP BG Mounts, Bronze Drake, & More!
  • 3845 achievements points
  • Around 4900GS in Pve Holy, it has lot of gear for differents specs
  • 1924 Arena Points, 63k Honor
  • Full access provided
  • Fake Name
  • Deadly Gladiator Tabard
  • Transfer available and included in the sale
  • There are two other paladins on the same account, one is duellist and have all BG mounts, 4200GS, and the other one has blue gear.


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