Two Decades Later: A World of Warcraft Installation Discs Secret Unveiled

A 20-Year Prediction?

As World of Warcraft approaches its 20th anniversary this November, fans are reflecting on their experiences with the game. Among them, Reddit user Gamhuin shared a remarkable observation about the original WoW installation discs. When arranged in a specific manner, the discs align to form a Titan disc, complete with rune markings. This Titan disc, a recurring element in WoW’s expansions including Dragonflight, highlights Blizzard’s deep integration of lore from the game’s inception.

Titans: At the Heart of WoW Lore

The lore surrounding the Titans, beings descended from the Light tasked with protecting the cosmos, has been a central theme since WoW’s early days. This is evident in the Uldaman dungeon in Kalimdor, a vault chosen by the Titans for their experiments. The Titan discs, filled with their knowledge, have become a treasure trove of information for adventurers on the continent, particularly in the Dragonflight expansion where players seek to repair Tyr’s disc.

An Epic Narrative Unfolds

Blizzard announced in November 2023 three upcoming expansions under the narrative arc of the Soul-World, focusing on Azeroth, wounded by Sargeras’s sword during his defeat in Legion. With the Void Lords, antagonists to the Titans, poised for attack, this storyline promises to captivate players for years to come.

Reflecting on Blizzard’s Vision

While it’s hard to believe the original WoW creative teams anticipated such a detailed future for the MMO, released in 2004, the upcoming trilogy of expansions (The War Within, Midnight, and The Last Titan) covering new events suggests a broader vision. Overseen by Chris Metzen, this trilogy is viewed as a cohesive whole, indicating Blizzard’s forward-thinking approach. Only time will tell if this foresight will secure another 20 years of success for WoW.

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