Warframe Beginners Guide

updated March 9, 2024


Warframe is a deep action shooter with a staggering amount of systems that may prove daunting for players just starting out. Additionally, there is an enormous variety of weapons, frames, and mods to acquire at lower levels; some require materials which may not always be readily available.

New players to Warframe may feel overwhelmed by its complexity, but there are numerous resources that can help ease them into the game.

How to play

Warframe is an immensely popular and enjoyable free-to-play third-person shooter, but its vast amount of content may intimidate new players. This is particularly true four years later when new content continues to come online such as gear sets, missions and various gameplay styles.

Start off by choosing a frame. After doing so, they can access three weapons – one primary and two secondary. Players can further customize their frames and weapons using Mods that can increase damage, survivability, reload ammunition or change its look.

Once a player has obtained their basic arsenal, they should focus on increasing their stealth level to its maximum capacity. Stealth is invaluable in Warframe since alarms can sound and enemies attack quickly; taking care to crouch whenever possible and keep a Silenced weapon close will go far towards helping newcomers survive and thrive in Warframe.

An effective way to explore and learn a Warframe is through working through its Origin System mission nodes. Complete all Junctions here and be rewarded with various systems, gear, and even quests that will help you establish yourself in this massive ecosystem.

As part of their strategy in moving across the landscape, players should remember to frequently consult the map. This is important given the game’s verticality – where passageways may appear just above or beneath players – as well as to learn the controls and familiarise themselves with them; pressing left and right buttons on the D-pad toggle between Warframe powers while remembering to slide when running and crouch when shooting.

Getting started

At first glance, Warframe can be dauntingly complex to comprehend; an ambitious MMCOFRPG third person shooter set in an expanding sci fi universe with numerous features, systems and mechanics which may or may not be adequately explained within its walls.

Players begin with some credits and some Platinum, which can be used to purchase weapons and Warframes. Though it can be tempting to spend that Platinum quickly, taking your time will make the experience much more rewarding and less frustrating.

Once you’ve secured enough credits to purchase your initial Warframe and weapon, begin exploring the planets of the Star Chart. Some planets offer unique rewards like rare mods that boost damage or survivability; while others feature Syndicate Bounties that give standing that can unlock additional aspects of the game such as new Warframes, Companions or weapons.

Start off by entering a mission and experimenting with various strategies. This game is highly dynamic; therefore, your experience may vary significantly depending on where and when you play as well as your knowledge of its systems and mechanics.

Start off right by equipping your weapons with the best upgrades available – these upgrades, known as Upgrades, boost weapon stats. Prioritise damage and survivability upgrades when starting out; some upgrades can even be combined together for greater effect – for instance combining Toxin damage with Electrical will create Corrosive damage which does far more than either one alone!

Leveling up

Warframe has an incredible amount to offer players. This sci-fi MMORPG boasts epic space battles, an engaging story/narrative/characters lore/narrative/characters narrative/characters narrative/mecha control system and much more. However, Warframe does have a steep learning curve which may initially overwhelm newcomers to its title; to overcome it quickly leveling up and gathering strength/resources is key for sustained opposition to fight back successfully against enemies that arise within its worlds.

Although this can be a complex task, you can make it simpler by following these steps:

Prioritise weapon levelling early. Though this can be time-consuming, weapon upgrading is essential to your survival as enemies are usually very aggressive and will quickly take you down. By prioritising weapon upgrades in early game stages, you’ll be prepared for more powerful enemies to appear later in the game.

At this point, it’s also advisable to begin levelling up mods on both weapons and Warframe. While this will become increasingly important as you min-max your gear in later games, starting now ensure that both attack and defense strategies are strong – particularly Vitality and Redirection mods as these make weapons much more tanky, enabling them to absorb greater damage without taking as many hits.

As your Tenno progresses, they’ll eventually have access to 17 unique factions known as Syndicates that each offer missions and rewards of their own. By successfully completing these, you can rise through their ranks and unlock weapons and abilities that help make you an increasingly formidable presence on the battlefield while giving him or her their own sense of identity.


Once you complete the introductory cinematic, you will be asked to choose your first Warframe. While this choice isn’t permanent – more can be obtained or created later on – for new players it has a significant bearing on early gameplay so make your choice wisely!

Once your initial Warframe is selected, introductory missions to defeat Grineer and expand in power will be assigned – providing an ideal way for newcomers to learn the basics and start earning valuable loot.

After unlocking three secondary Warframes, you’ll have three more to select and use in subsequent missions. Each has their own special abilities and play style – take time to experiment before choosing Excalibur as one that offers high damage while keeping up with your squad members.

Once you’re ready, joining a clan can give you access to additional loot and rewards. There are numerous clans in Warframe available for membership; before choosing one be sure to browse Discord and official forums before making your selection. If you decide to create your own Clan you’ll be able to claim its Dojo blueprint once it has 10 members; otherwise it will be deleted along with all resources contributed by its members; early players in Warframe can always reclaim their clan once it returns!


Warframe offers an immense galaxy to discover, massive space battles and unparalleled narrative/character depth that few MMORPGs can match, making for a rewarding gaming experience that may at first seem intimidating – this guide can help you find your footing quickly and embark on your path to mastery!

Warframe begins by teaching you the fundamentals of movement and shooting, including equipment selection. After that, the system provides easy ways for you to change them up later if desired.

As part of your initial mission, you’ll probably come equipped with the Braton rifle and Aklato dual pistols – two weapons you will likely quickly outgrow as you move through different missions. They may get you through, but eventually something new will become necessary – either bought using credits from markets or crafted at a Foundry with components acquired through killing bosses on different planets (Mars’ Lieutenant Lech Kril drops parts for Excalibur), or researched in Clan Dojos.

Once you have all the parts necessary for installing upgrades into your weapons and Warframe, you can proceed to install them. As certain levels must first be reached before adding mods to weapons, keep this in mind when choosing which weapons you upgrade. Installing mods may reset levels of weapons you upgrade as well so be wary when choosing which upgrades to implement.