Warframe Guide 2023

updated March 7, 2024


Newcomers to Warframe may feel overwhelmed, with its immense star map, daily and weekly missions, battle pass system, weapons, mods, warframes to collect as well as complex modding systems all waiting to be discovered.

This video offers new players some helpful instructions and an introduction to the various systems within the game, while providing key advice for earlygame progression.


Warframe is an intricate free-to-play game, which can be bewilderingly confusing for newcomers. There is an enormous range of weapons, abilities, and items that must be learned before fully enjoying this thrilling free game – although this may take hours of dedication in order to fully appreciate what it offers in return. Nonetheless, its long-term rewards will more than make up for their effort!

Warframe’s gameplay combines elements of shooters with stealth elements for an engaging stealth experience. The procedurally generated level system creates unique missions every time you load into one (other than defensive missions). This gives it a freshness not found elsewhere and includes hidden areas which may hold valuable loot.

Warframe features numerous side quests and other activities outside the main story arc, which you can access via your Orbiter Star Chart. Complete these missions for rewards of new lore and materials. However, for optimal rewards it is advised that players focus on core quests first.

As soon as the game starts, you are presented with three warframes and six weapons to select from – bow, gun, pistol or set of kunai, sword or staff are among your options – this choice helps create the experience tailored specifically to your playstyle – you could choose stealthy frame to avoid enemies or use guns blazing to attack everything that stands in your way!

As you battle enemies, strike multiple blows against them to increase your combo meter. Your combo meter can increase by 12x depending on how often you hit an enemy; more hits equals higher combos which in turn bolster melee weapon’s heavy attacks as well. Furthermore, mods are available that increase damage output of weapons and Warframes.


Warframe is one of the most beloved free-to-play games on the market, yet its large amount of content may be overwhelming for newcomers and a lack of familiarity with its mechanics can result in frustration and abandonment. This guide is here to assist new players and get them acquainted with its various aspects quickly.

Beginners Your first task in Warframe should be completing its tutorials. Though these may be slightly tedious, they provide an essential introduction to its mechanics and show you how best to use your Warframe. Following that, practice using your abilities by playing solo missions; over time your abilities will improve with use. Focus on one at first; for instance if your melee attack drains energy quickly from enemies repeatedly use it until it becomes second nature.

Exploration is another effective way of leveling up in Warframe. There are plenty of hidden places and rooms filled with treasure, with these usually identified by faint blue or red borders. Exploring will also allow you to discover more weapons and mods!

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock planets and junctions. Each junction offers various quests ranging from traditional takedown missions to those requiring more tactical strategies – for instance “Defense” missions require you to defend locations while “Rescue” tasks demand that victims be rescued.

Once you’ve completed a few missions, start saving platinum to purchase warframes and weapons. As you level up, more powerful equipment and weapons become unlocked; typically sniper rifles and shotguns tend to be preferred but ultimately it is up to the player’s preference which ones they choose.


Warframe allows players to equip three weapons: primary weapon, secondary weapon and melee weapon. Primary weapons serve as Tenno’s primary damage-dealing tools and selecting one quickly is often an early priority when starting out as a Tenno player. This video offers tips for finding and equipping the optimal primary weapon for your Warframe.

This video introduces the Phantasma Prime, a ranged pistol that specializes in Void and Radiation damage. The dual pistol firing modes, ammunition capacity, reload speed and special features of this pistol such as its unique ability to repair itself after taking critical hits are explored, along with its enhanced primary and secondary attacks and ability to perform melee finishers that knock enemies to the ground for additional damage – in addition to needing a strong build to maximize its potential.

While the game’s default weapons may suffice for certain missions, this video encourages players to upgrade their primary weapons using components gathered by killing enemies or destroying crates. Doing so will increase damage output while unlocking various abilities such as increasing combo meter up to 12x damage with every hit landed.

Upgrades not only increase weapon damage, but will also increase its reload speed, capacity, and magazine size. Accessing the upgrade tree by pressing E is easy – choose among a wide variety of mods like increasing reload speed boost or adding sprint reload while sprinting capability – or you could purchase and install scopes that increase sight range or fire rate boost augmentations to customize your weapon even further!


Mods are an integral component of Warframe, enabling players to customize their Warframe, weapons and companions according to their individual playstyle. Mods allow you to increase damage output of abilities or multiply bullet output from guns – as well as many other changes! You can find these mods during missions, from enemies or through Ayatan Trading Guild purchases.

Every Warframe, weapon and Archwing features eight or ten Mod slots; usually eight to ten are available to each. Each Mod comes with its own rank and rarity rating – rarer mods typically provide stronger boosts that can be leveled up for increased effectiveness. Each piece of equipment also has a Mod capacity limit that determines which Mods may be equipped. Equipping Redemption Mod on Warframe with nine capacity left allows only up to nine additional Mods).

Some Mods are considered essential when building any build. New and veteran players alike should seek out these Mods when beginning or entering endgame. They help strengthen your build’s capabilities, giving an edge in battles while boosting survivability.

Warframe modding system can be confusing and time consuming to navigate, and players should ensure they understand it before making purchases. There are various resources available to new and veteran players alike for furthering their understanding of it – official guides and forums as well as user-made resources such as Warframe Wiki are excellent ways to do just this – they contain information on gameplay explanations, weapon stats, Warframe backstories as well as any necessary patches needed for purchase.


Warframe is a complex free-to-play game with a steep learning curve for newcomers, yet this guide introduces them to its basics, including weapons, abilities, mods and the Orbiter and Star Chart navigation tips.

Warframe makes leveling faster and gaining greater effectiveness easier by shooting everything that stands in its path, even enemies outside your weapon’s range. By shooting everything, even enemies that may seem out-of-reach will yield resources you can use to upgrade gear and weapons; this will enable faster leveling up times and an overall more effective warrior experience.

Mods are an integral component of the game, and your choices of Mods will have a major effect on your playstyle. There is an array of Mods with differing Polarities; matching one with your weapon or Warframe’s Polarity reduces upgrade capacity so you can increase its effectiveness at lower costs.

Warframe can be an intimidating game to pick up quickly, so for beginners to make their journey simpler they should familiarize themselves with its basic systems and build crafting principles as early as possible. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, new players should familiarize themselves with basic game systems as well as the fundamentals of build crafting before undertaking the tutorial.

The Star Chart serves as a central point for Tenno and an essential aspect of Warframe experience. Players can access Mission nodes and Junctions through it to progress through the Origin System; track progress, complete challenges and collect new Affinity; as well as follow Orbiter upgrades and Relic collections progress on it.