Warframe Guide – A Beginner’s Guide to Warframe

updated March 3, 2024


Warframe, a free-to-play third person shooter, provides fast-paced action and melee combat that’s also visually impressive. Loot games like Warframe can also be dauntingly complex for newcomers to the genre, offering an abundance of loot systems which may prove confusing or complex at first.

Learning the ropes of game play may take a little while, but don’t be discouraged; soon enough you will be dashing, sliding, bullet jumping and wall latching like an expert!

How to play

Untaintied players might find navigating Warframe challenging at first, as its many systems and mechanics don’t always make intuitive sense – especially during early game stages.

As soon as you start playing the game, you will receive some Platinum (the real-money version of in-game currency) and Credits. While you might want to spend this on upgrading weapons right away, wait a bit until you’ve gained an understanding of all aspects of game before investing it all at once.

As your first step, level up your Primary Warframe, Secondary Weapon and Melee Weapon. After doing this, you’ll have access to unlock new Warframes or Weapons as well as take on Missions throughout the Origin System.

Your first few missions may be challenging, but as soon as you gain experience you can move onto more demanding quests. To stay at the top of your game and maintain momentum it’s essential that you choose a Warframe or Weapon that matches your playstyle while levelling up damage and survivability mods in order to keep pace with the difficulty curve of the game.

Crafting new Gear will also be possible if you possess its Blueprints. This process involves hunting Neurodes in either the open world or Orbiter, crafting gear and then refueling the Foundry so as to unlock more tiers of equipment.

One key takeaway from playing Warframe stages is their immense density – filled with hallways, rooms and passageways that it is easy to become lost within. Even using your on-screen destination cursor might prove insufficient in finding your way. If this occurs to you, simply look up or down for passageways that lead into new sections of the stage if possible.


Warframe is a free-to-play action shooter set in an expanding science fiction universe, where players control powerful exosuits known as Warframes to undertake missions either alone or as part of 2-4 player co-op teams. Players use firearms or melee weapons against enemies and bosses while collecting Blueprints that they can later craft weapons and gear with. As they complete missions ranging from Spy, Sabotage, Defence Excavation Survival Assassination Mobile Defense Rescue Hijack Exterminate they gain experience as well as access to more planets as they complete missions such as Spy Sabotage Defence Excavation Survival Assassination Mobile Defense Rescue Hijack Exterminate missions among many others.

Missions are an essential element of the game, and you can select one with the Navigation Console to begin playing. The Mission Readout provides key details regarding enemies such as faction and level – to help determine if a Mission fits with your current Warframe and weapon setup. In addition, this screen shows Challenge missions where completion may earn bonus affinity points for your Warframe. Finally, its Overview offers insight into specific details regarding difficulty, rewards, or mod requirements of individual missions.

As well as combat, certain missions include objectives outside of combat; such as collecting or destroying a VIP target. To meet such an objective, players may require either a fast or tank Warframe in order to track down and destroy them. Players should pay close attention to both their health and the mission’s bleed-out timer which will disable your Warframe once it reaches zero; should teammates fall during battle their Lotus icon will appear red on the mini map; revived using Foundry Revival System if their Lotus icon turns red on their mini map mini map; for such missions to succeed players must keep your health at optimal levels while keeping an eye out on health bleed-out timer which will disable your Warframe once reached.

Missions may also contain sidequests that reveal new lore and characters for players to explore, while also opening access to new Warframes, weapons, cosmetics and other items available through the Market (accessible via Navigation Console and purchased with Credits or Platinum).


Warframe characters begin with selecting their Warframe; these exoskeletons form the core of your playstyle; each offers unique weaponry, abilities and strengths that fit their specific playstyle. Ranging attackers or melee bruisers will find something suitable among its 35 available Warframes that can either be unlocked in-game or purchased for real-world money.

Warframe requires players to make some key decisions regarding weapons and Mods that make your weapons stronger, faster or more damage-oriented. Furthermore, its lore dictates which frames are considered “prime”, meaning these models represent the very best Orokin models which have undergone significant upgrades and enhancements.

Regarding controls, Warframe features two sets of keys for movement and three action buttons to execute powers or attacks. Pressing crouch while running allows your character to slide under low-hanging obstacles that would otherwise prevent running over. Jumping while sliding activates Bullet Jump – an extra burst of speed useful when climbing or maneuvering around walls.

Warframe is an engaging free-to-play third person shooter that’s both enjoyable and varied. You are charged with saving the galaxy, so enlist your favorite space ninja (along with some friends!) to fight the Grineer and Infected threats that threaten it all! Don’t forget to visit Warframe’s official forums for tips from fellow Tenno to help in your mission of saving solar system!


Mods in Warframe can help enhance the stats of your Warframe, weapons, companions and gear. Each Warframe and weapon has eight mod slots; weapons also feature 10 (one each for an aura and exilus slot). There are various categories for mods including Defense, Damage and Speed as well as universal (Syndicate mods ) mods which only work on specific Warframes.

At first, the game’s complex modding system may seem intimidating, but you’ll quickly develop an understanding of it as you play the game. A good starting point would be leveling up Physique, Redirection and Serration to increase Warframe power as well as adding melee weapon crit mods such as Hunter Munitions for melee weapons.

Other than standard mods, there are also other forms of mods in the game such as:

Corrupted Mods:

These rare mods offer high bonuses while incurring steep penalties, making them highly sought after but non-interchangeable with their standard counterparts. You can acquire corrupted mods in Orokin Derelict by using Dragon Keys to open vaults there and purchase them using Dragon Keys.


Weapons in Warframe are the main way of inflicting damage. Ranging in shapes, sizes, styles and function from melee attacks to projectile fire modes – all serve the same basic function of projecting projectile or melee attacks onto an opponent. Each weapon offers both primary and secondary fire modes with additional mods available that increase criticality or damage stats among other things.

You can view your weapons using the Weapon Readout in the lower left corner of the screen, which provides key details such as their rank and a bar that fills up as you progress closer towards Mastery Rank. Furthermore, this display shows how much ammunition your weapon holds that can be replenished through pickups found during missions.

Early game weapons are generally easy to pick up and use, though some can take more time to fully develop their full power potential. Many require blueprints or materials which may prove challenging to locate at first; fortunately there are numerous resources online which can assist with finding suitable guns for your Warframe.

Weapons have different strengths depending on which enemy type they’re facing; the sniper rifle Rubico Prime, for instance, excels at taking out Eidolons by penetrating their shields and inflicting massive damage; other weapons like Nataruk’s bow or Phenmor’s axe provide more direct slash damage.

As well as your primary and secondary weapons, you can equip a Melee weapon for dispatching enemies that are too tanky to be taken down by primary and secondary weapons alone, like Acolytes or enemy Necramechs. While these may be difficult to master initially, many guides online offer instruction to teach how to play them successfully.