Warframe Kitgun Guide

updated February 25, 2024


Warframe’s Fortuna expansion introduced Kitguns – customizable secondary weapons you can create to suit your playstyle or min-maxing plans. Comprised of Chambers, Grips and Loaders which can be combined in various ways to produce up to 256 unique weapon combinations – Kitguns provide endless customizability when building secondary weapons for playstyle or min-maxing strategies.

Catchmoon offers excellent AoE damage while Rattleguts and Gaze are superb choices for stripping armor.

2. Tombfinger

Tombfinger fires semi-automatically with high accuracy, and immediately sets off an area-of-effect explosion upon hitting any enemy or surface. Uncharged projectiles have a limited explosion radius while charged projectiles explode in an explosive reverse cone shape, dealing damage to enemies behind its original target. Both initial hits and explosions apply status separately while each projectile deals Impact, Puncture and Radiation damage with guaranteed Impact proc.

As a primary weapon, the Tombfinger offers solid performance with its decent critical chance and makes an ideal headshot weapon. Unfortunately, its reversed explosion cone makes it less optimal for close range engagements; thus making long range targets difficult to hit without mods like Lethal Momentum and Galvanized Aptitude which improve its performance significantly.

These mods will both increase crit damage on your primary weapon while simultaneously increasing Tombfinger explosion damage significantly, making it much more effective at long-range engagements. They can also be combined with the Shockwave loader to cause even greater destruction to enemy structures.

As with other Kitguns, the Tombfinger can be customized with any grip and loader combination desired; however, for optimal performance we advise choosing Haymaker grip with Splat loader as this combination offers high critical chance and sufficient damage output to cover for reduced splash damage.