Warframe Kuva Liche Guide

updated February 12, 2024


Kuva Liches are a new enemy type that stalks players and steals their gear, but can be vanquished to gain powerful weapons or converted to new allies.

To do either successfully in Warframe, it is essential that you understand their workings. Their behavior relies on a combination of mods which must be installed into your Parazon in a certain order.

Defeating a Lich

Kuva Liches can be tough enemies in Warframe, but with proper strategy they can be defeated. This guide will cover everything you need to know about spawning, tracking and defeating these adversaries as well as giving an in-depth breakdown of their weapons and rewards.

Step one in defeating a Lich is to identify its Requiem Mod sequence, which can be done by killing Lich’s Thralls during special missions that feature them and each time you kill one it reveals a Requiem Murmur that indicates which mods need to be applied first in order to take down this enemy. After you know its Requiem Mod order you need, players should bring out Parazons to Mercy kill and claim its weapon or other rewards such as Kuva Lich Ephemeras from this enemy Lich.

Though this may appear daunting, grinding can be an effective way to increase the odds of finding great weapons or unique stances, as well as earning some extra currency – not only that but it doesn’t require too much grinding! Just patience.

To spawn a Lich, it is necessary to complete a Grineer mission at level 20+ on any planet (Saturn, Uranus, Sedna or Kuva Fortress). After murdering enough Grinner soldiers on one planet or more, lights will begin flickering with yellow tint (if Color Correction is activated) until eventually, a red quest marker appears that points directly towards its location on your map indicating where Lichspawn can be found.

Fending off a Lich requires an arsenal of high-level weapons. Therefore, most players won’t be able to defeat one using weapons available before Mastery Rank 5. Even those unable to kill a Lich can still reap its benefits by turning their rewards into weapons they will always have access to.

A kuva lich’s weapons are modified versions of existing Grineer weapons, upgraded for increased power. Furthermore, its damage attenuation mechanism helps mitigate weapons that would normally kill it and reduces their destructive force significantly.

Killing Thralls

As you kill Thralls, your Lich will accumulate “Murmurs”. These resources allow you to select an order for its mods so that it either dies outright or joins your missions as a minion to aid you. Each time a thrall dies will grant one Murmur. Once enough have accumulated you can head into its profile and view one of three Requiem Mods available to it.

Once a lich has collected all three Requiem Mods it will become stronger, making the task even harder to accomplish. You will also be able to see its profile so you know exactly what Requiem Mods it has; failing which you could lose out on progress in acquiring other weapons for use against him/her.

As your Lich gains strength it may become susceptible to mercy finishes which allow you to deplete one health bar before the second recharges and kill it quickly enough before it recharges itself again. If this fails then the Lich will level up and leave your mission, making your next attempt more challenging and require much trial-and-error before success is attained.

If the Lich is unkillable, you’ll need to wait for it to respawn on another node of your Star Chart before repeating the process of killing Thralls and collecting Requiem Mods to eventually dispatch it again.

As part of your preparation, it may be advantageous to join a squad hunting a lich. Doing this will enable you to gather mods more efficiently as more Thralls will spawn, providing more chances to obtain Murmurs faster. Furthermore, checking and killing any Thralls within your area of control before they respawn will expedite this process even further.

Requiem Mods

Liches are tough opponents who require careful strategy to defeat. Although initially intimidating for newer players, once defeated they provide new and upgraded weapons – as well as rare Ayatan Treasures or Void Relics which may even give access to completely unique ones! The Lich system resembles Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System but with some key differences; each Lich has their own set of Requiem mods you must figure out in order to kill or convert them. They can even influence Warframes which allows Warframes access influencing nodes to influence them; this way Lich will take some of your rewards (credits, resources blueprints Ayatan Treasures Void Relics Kuva Mods etc), but these items will regained once Lich is dead!

Locating Requiem Mods You can acquire Requiem mods by killing thralls on Kuva Lich-controlled planets and opening requiem relics. Thralls also drop Requiem Murmurs that help narrow down which mods are needed to defeat the Lich – eventually, you will discover its exact sequence and can defeat it successfully!

As Lichs near their end, their anger increases exponentially; its rage meter can be decreased through completing Requiem Mod Geuss missions and converting thralls. When they reach their last breaths, you’ll receive a transmission offering you two options for dealing with their final moments: kill or convert. Killing one will give you access to special weapons; while converting will allow it to fight alongside you in battles.

Your choice of Progenitor Warframe for your lich will determine its type of damage bonus and kit, as well as its personality – choose whether they’re more jovial/mad or logical/flirtatious!

Even without all of the required requiem mods, you can still progress in the lich system by unlocking one with a Requiem Mod Geuss. This will give you more chances to unlocking the final sequence as you gain additional ones – plus it allows for multiple attempts without waiting for your lich’s Rage Meter to reset!


Kuva Liches are a new enemy in Warframe introduced with The Old Blood update. These Grinner adversaries act as foes for Tenno who face them, hindering their progress on the Star Chart and seizing resources from missions they participate in. These unique adversaries possess their own name and weapon as well as being capable of changing appearance during each fight to thwart your efforts – and often steal rewards such as Credits, Endo or Mods from you during battle!

To defeat a Lich, players must lure it out by doing missions in Nodes under its influence and killing its Thralls. Each Thrall may leave clues for how to perform Requiem Mods that purify and cut Continuity from the Lich; once this sequence has been found, they’ll flee back to Railjack where they can be taken down easily.

As part of this process, Requiem Mods must first be obtained. These can only be earned through successfully completing Kuva Flood or Siphon missions on planets where a Lich has taken possession. You may also get them by killing Thralls or opening Requiem Relics dropped by Progenitor Warframes that kill him – similar to when an ability unlocks with levels.

After collecting all required Requiem Mods, players need to devise a way of discovering their correct sequence. One way is through challenging the Lich repeatedly as each challenge will reveal one or more murmurs leading towards possible Mod sequences. Every attempt made against the Lich will be recorded and displayed in its menu for easy reference later.

Requiem Mod sequences can also be explored through Mercy kills on Lich, with each kill providing another piece to its unique puzzle and aiding in the search for its proper sequence. Unfortunately, Mercy kills on Kuva Lich don’t count as Finishers in Nightwave acts and other challenges, meaning if players want to participate they need to fight it themselves!