Warframe Mining Guide

updated February 18, 2024


Warframe offers numerous opportunities for players to supplement their income beyond shooting-loot grind. Mining is one of these, providing players with valuable resources they can collect for use in their foundry or trading for standing.

Mining requires players to first acquire a Nosam Cutter either as part of a bounty reward or from Old Man Sumbaat in Cetus. Once this step is accomplished, they can find suitable spots and begin extracting minerals.


Warframe introduced mining as a resource extraction system with the Plains of Eidolon Expansion. To start mining, players must acquire either the Nosam Cutter as a standing reward or by purchasing it from Old Man Sumbaat in Cetus.

Once they acquire a cutter, players can begin extracting resources by targeting flashing blue dots on deposits. For greater efficiency in mining operations, using Warframes such as Loki or Ivara who can go invisible can make extraction much more efficient – enemies disrupting miner efficiency can have disastrous results!

Some of the ideal locations for mining include caves, where gems and ores can be discovered within a relatively compact space. Other noteworthy locations for prospecting include spinning ring segments and Grineer mining camps – they provide more consistent mining opportunities with multiple deposits appearing quickly.


Warframe features many warframes that rely on resources derived from mining. To begin mining in Warframe, players need to obtain one of the mining tool NPCs located in Cetus or Fortuna and equip it on one of their gear slots. After this step is completed, players can head out into any open world and look for glowing mineral veins containing ores or gems that can be harvested with tools. Later these resources may be refined in foundries into precision cut materials that are necessary for crafting various equipment items and Warframes later on in the game. Alternatively, players can collect them during bounties in Orb Vallis as another means of gathering resources.


Warframe is an immersive massively multiplayer online third-person shooter set in an evolving sci-fi universe, offering players a vast variety of enemies, weapons and Warframes they can control using mind transfers to transfer consciousness into them. Each frame offers unique abilities and power sets which can be enhanced further through mods and equipment upgrades.

Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon expansion includes a mining component that allows players to harvest minerals, gems and other materials from their environment. To mine successfully in either Cetus or Fortuna, players must obtain either as mission rewards from Old Man Sumbaat in Cetus with Ostron standing or from Smokefinger in Fortuna with Solaris United standing a Nosam Cutter that they can equip in one of their gear slots for use anywhere across open world areas. Once obtained, Nosam Cutter can be equipped in open world areas by equipping it into one of their gear slots in any open world area for use when harvesting materials in any open world area for mining activity.

Once a player has collected resources through mining, they can bring them to the Foundry where they will be refined into refined versions, either through forging or precision cutting processes. These refined minerals may then be used to craft equipment in the Foundry as well as certain Warframes using blueprints acquired via mission rewards or purchased on the Market with platinum.

Warframe weapons can usually be created through crafting components obtained through loot drops and missions; however, some weapons may only be obtainable during certain parts of the year or as limited-time event weapons. Therefore, players should keep an eye out on the Market to keep an eye out for loot drops that may provide components needed to create weapons.

Crafting equipment can take anywhere from 12 hours or longer depending on its complexity, as most items require specific amounts of construction materials that can be acquired either from the Market, mission rewards, or purchased with platinum. As a result, players often find themselves excitedly collecting new pieces only to realize that they don’t have enough materials in their Foundry to complete them!


Warframe’s “Open World” is a vast landscape where Tenno can roam at their leisure to take up Bounties, Quests or Missions or discover Resources. There are various Open World Landscapes scattered across the Origin System with Fortuna on Venus providing one such open World Landscape.

While this planet’s fiery mountains and abandoned Orokin terraforming plant make for an impressive backdrop, it also hosts some of the toughest enemies in the game. Enemies here include Grineer, Corpus and Infested factions which require serious firepower to defeat. Grineers and Corpus in particular rely heavily on armor, making them vulnerable to Magnetic, Impact Puncture Heat Corrosive Viral damage while Infested are susceptible to Slash Void Toxin Radiation damage.

Resourcing deposits appear throughout the Landscapes, prompting players to use mining tools to unearth blue or red veined mineral formations from beneath the soil. The higher level of mineral, the greater your reward on completion; using Nosam Cutter or Sunpoint Plasma Drill increases both chances of successfully cutting, as well as quality and amount of minerals earned; using Spare Parts mod can slightly expand this effect while augments and Warframe abilities can enhance it further.

For maximum effectiveness of this strategy, players may wish to bring along a team of miners and hunters that can enhance their efforts. A suitable squad would include Nova with the Molecular Prime ability that speeds enemies up for easy pickings; Nekros with Pheromone Synthesizer in order to track specimens down into traps; and Pilfering Swarm Hydroid as they are great at opening containers quickly so as to secure their loot quickly.