Warframe Profit-Taker Guide

updated March 3, 2024


Profit-Taker is an unforgiving opponent that requires a well-balanced team to conquer quickly. This is particularly evident during the initial phase of battle involving shields and a 5-minute countdown timer.

Thankful that u/Iterniam has created a Profit Taker guide to assist players in preparing for this challenging role-play experience. From basic fundamentals to advanced speedrun strategies, the guide covers everything you need for optimal play.


The Profit-Taker Orb is one of the hardest bosses in Warframe. Beating it requires some impressive damage numbers, though certain frames perform better at fighting it than others. Chroma stands out among them due to her unique fighting strengths that set her apart from other frames in combating its attack.

Profit-Taker Orb fights present a unique set of challenges due to an opponent’s impenetrable shield that blocks all damage until depleted by specific types of attacks, meaning players must strike in an order that suits their damage type in order for this gimmick to work efficiently. At first this can be frustrating but once players grasp its rules they can play more efficiently.

Once players can remove the shield, they must continue attacking enemy legs and pylons until all have been damaged while keeping an eye on health and energy regeneration. One way of accomplishing this goal is through building with lots of armor for life regeneration or using Rejuvenation mod.

One of the best builds for Inaros is a tank build that utilizes her third ability, Sandstorm. By including Steel Fiber and Vitality in her loadout, Steel Fiber will increase her survivability against all forms of damage while adaptation mod will keep her alive during long stretches where she cannot provide direct damage herself. Furthermore, using Phoenix Renewal augments provides healing per second as well as armor buff while Rush in Exilus slot will boost sprinting speed.

With this build, Inaros can slam enemies to the floor with a projectile that damages and infects them with scarabs. Recasting her ability key can recast its range and damage, making Inaros an excellent tank during Profit-Taker Orb battles while still dealing plenty of damage with her primary weapon.

Vectis Prime

Profit-Taker is a formidable raid boss located in Orb Vallis, Venus area of Warframe. To beat this challenging end-game bounty, players need a Warframe with strong damage and survivability features as well as multiple strategies in order to strike a blow against it multiple times with different approaches.

Profit-Taker players typically turn to the Vectis Prime as their weapon of choice when facing it off, as it offers long-range accuracy and great damage potential. Mods for this gun allow it to kill almost any target with one shot – making it ideal for marksman builds.

However, this sniper does not come without its share of flaws: its reload speed and magazine size fall below average while vertical recoil can be rather severe. To maximize damage with each shot and ensure greater survivability from stuns or knockdowns. A Riven would help this weapon excel.

The Vectis Prime can be enhanced with various mods to increase its damage, including +Multishot and +Crit Damage; these will allow it to take down armored enemies with one shot. Furthermore, +Mag Capacity increases magazine capacity so it keeps firing at maximum damage until its magazine runs dry – at the cost of DPS however.

Hunter Munitions can make this sniper effective at disarming armoured targets with one headshot. When used together with its high damage-per-shot and combo counter features, it can brute force through armoured units more effectively than most weapons. Unfortunately, its low Slash bias and reload rate means it cannot strip armour quickly or reliably; however a good headshot slash proc can deal massive damage against most enemies.

Akstiletto Prime

The Profit-Taker Orb is one of Orb Vallis’ endgame Eidolons and an extremely difficult opponent for Warframe players to tackle. Reducing its power requires unique mechanics and builds; taking down this boss is an immense test of your skills as a Warframe player; however there are various strategies you can employ when approaching him.

One of the more effective tactics for taking down Profit-Taker is dividing it into four sectors and assigning each Warframe one of them, such as Chroma taking the front segment, Oberon and Rhino taking left/right halves, Mirage staying close behind dealing damage through her Pylon Blast ability, etc. This approach makes it easier for all players to have an opportunity to attack him simultaneously while helping to ensure none of them get stuck behind him and slow his momentum down too much. This ensures all can attack simultaneously without one slowing him down significantly more.

As this will depend on a player’s build, whether this approach is the optimal strategy depends on it. Since Profit-Taker uses elemental damage, any build which focuses on it would be ideal; an example would be Corrosive + Viral build as these two weapons combine quickly to stack status procs while dealing high impact damage at a rapid pace. Also beneficial would be an increased fire rate as Profit-Taker can throw numerous shots simultaneously without fail.

Another key point to keep in mind when facing off against a Profit-Taker is their shield-boost, meaning significant damage must be inflicted to cause maximum effect. Unfortunately, shields have high health reserves that make this task increasingly challenging; thus it is often best to utilize highly critical builds as these tend to deal more damage.

The Akstiletto Prime is an extremely capable weapon in this scenario, featuring an excellent reload ratio and rate-of-fire (RoF). Furthermore, its damage output makes it ideal for anti-crowd situations; engaging waves of enemies with ease. Unfortunately its only real flaw lies in its lack of direct damage; this issue can be remedied through various mods including an Elemental Damage boost mod.

With Augur Pact as part of an Akstiletto Status build, an effective Status build can be created without using Forma. Other recommended mods will provide good damage and elemental combos such as Viral + Heat for even more elemental punch.


Trinity is one of the most beloved Warframes in Warframe for good reason – she provides incredible support with every mission, making her perfect for use in almost any build. Trinity can use Primed Flow to heal allies as well as buff her shields and damage. Trinity makes for an excellent option in heist missions or high-level missions like raiding or takedowns, though remember that you should try your hardest not to die early as being killed will negate her usefulness on team.

Blessing Trinity is an effective Trinity build for this mission, using her special ability to grant energy and maximum damage reduction of 50% within its affinity aura to allies within it. This build can make fighting Profit-Taker easier and more enjoyable for your team.

This mission involves dealing with high health and damage targets, so be sure to bring a Warframe and weapon capable of handling this challenge. Mesa is an excellent option, though you should bring whatever suits your style best. Just ensure you bring sufficient damage-enhancing shields as this mission will present plenty of incoming damage!

In the first phase of Profit-Taker battles, players must focus on destroying enemy legs. Each leg will display an icon for specific damage type; when this occurs, players should use appropriate weapons to attack it with and break its joints off. Once done so, an enemy’s legs will collapse causing it to be vulnerable, leading to its falldown and start counting down for five minutes so players must act fast against it!

The second phase of Profit-Taker battles involves attacking its head and body. Although much easier than its first stage, this second stage still presents challenges: your enemy can be damaged using various weapons; an Archgun would be particularly effective. Furthermore, be sure to destroy all pylons on the battlefield to maximize damage output and maximise damage output.