Warframe Quest Guide

updated February 12, 2024


Warframe quests offer both story lore and rewards upon completion – such as Warframe or weapon blueprint rewards – making them one of the primary forms of Warframe content and ideal for beginning new player experiences.

Un ominous vision leads you to the remains of an ancient laboratory, on an adventure which will uncover secrets from the Old War while introducing you to an unexpected foe.

The Vor’s Prize Quest

Once you begin Warframe, Captain Vor will greet you with his devious Ascaris device implanted within your Warframe and cause audio interference, leaving you to figure out how to get rid of it. Your first step should be locating Mercury where a nav segment contains the detonation code for Ascaris; once collected a Sabotage mission will follow which requires extracting from Grineer ships within five minutes and making them explode for maximum rewards including Damaged Steel Fiber and Enemy Sense mods.

This quest is the first in a series that must be accomplished to move through the story. After you finish it, a series of missions across Earth await as you raid Grineer settlements, factories and outposts for components to repair your Orbiter and upgrade weapons and Warframes with.

After you complete a quest, a new UI notification will appear while in the Orbiter, reminding you to visit your Quest tab for instructions on what comes next. This feature can help those feeling overwhelmed by all the missions and upgrades available in Warframe to stay focused and navigate their next mission or upgrade efficiently.

The Ascaris Negator can be constructed quickly and efficiently in just over 30 seconds after unlocking its blueprint in the Foundry interface. Constructing it requires 500 credits, 1 morphics, 450 salvage, and 240 polymer bundles; its powerful capabilities will become evident during an Ascaris Negator cutscene and can help destroy both devices on ankle and bits on shoulder.

The Earth to Mars Junction Quest

Warframe’s Old War history is being revealed with the return of an obscure threat, prompting players to travel back down to Earth to examine Oculyst wreckage and find signs of ancient enemies’ presence, leading them closer to uncovering a conspiracy.

Unlock Xaku, the incredible 44th Warframe! This hybrid Warframe brings together all the power from other Warframes into one terrifying weapon to bring terror and fear among enemies.

After installing the Orbiter and entering Cetus for the first time, new players must complete this quest to unlock it. To do so, all missions up until and including Cetus – Plains of Eidolon mission node must have been completed in Cambion Drift Open World.

Before embarking on their Quest, players must first have access to and possess a fully functional Railjack. Once these criteria have been fulfilled, a message will appear in your Inbox asking players to meet at Eidolon Plains’ giant gate for installation of the Railjack.

Players will receive a Nai-Zhen Collar upon completing the Quest, enabling them to take their Kubrow on regular Missions and progress the reward for this challenge. Although kubrows already in use or eggs hatched at Incubator Segments will not count toward progression of this Quest, however players may use instant maturation options provided in Incubator Segments in order to quickly mature any egg at their convenience.

After successfully completing their Quest, players will also unlock a Heat Sword Blueprint for use against an ever-invasion across the Solar System. This weapon boasts both immense firepower and incredible Abilities to combat the spread of disease across its orbital space.

The Apostasy Prologue Quest

As the starting quest in Warframe for newcomers, this quest from DE is of monumental significance. It reveals much about its lore while providing insight into how everything operates; additionally it introduces players to Grineer faction and their unique clone defects.

The Apostasy Prologue Quest, introduced with Update 22.8, revisits Margulis and Ballas’ final moments before Ballas met Lotus. Players also get to complete Mercury Grineer Spy Mission 1 as part of this quest; additionally it unlocks Archwing Quest within Codex.

To access this quest, players must first complete Vor’s Prize and travel to Venus Sector where they’ll find a ruined temple with Twin Rogga pistols and an entrance portal leading into Lotus Chamber. From here they can engage in an epic fight against Kuva Guardians that have their attacks tailored specifically for you and your equipment, though you will face difficult opposition as part of their fight – remember to dodge and parry Twin Rogga attacks, use Void Beam when necessary and melee when possible if battling them becomes impossible!

Completed quests will reward players with the Octavia Riven Mod and Octavia Blueprints; alternatively they may purchase additional copies at Cephalon Simaris Offering at Relay for 50,000 Standing each. Starting this quest early provides key lore for the game and details how Grineer evolved from their early versions; therefore it is advised that players complete it ASAP (but sidequests can still be completed as desired).

The Heart of Deimos Quest

After successfully completing the Earth to Mars Junction, players will unlock the Heart of Deimos Quest in their Codex. This new quest takes place on Deimos, one of Mars’ moons which contains an ancient relic known as The Heart. This powerful ancient artifact serves as the source of all void energy within our universe, making it a target for Infested for centuries.

Entrati family comes together in order to search for the Heart. Father gives Tenno access to his Voidrig Necramech named Snake as part of this search; this high-level mech packs a powerful punch and features unique abilities. When Tenno ascends through chamber tubes towards their goal, waves of Infested will attempt to hinder their advancement; by destroying any hives within tubes they may come closer towards goal and reaching it quicker. Upon reaching Heart, panels light up on floor that illuminate when stood upon automatically equipping an Omni to repair damage panels on floors when standing upon, bringing an Omni to aid their cause.

At the conclusion of their quest, Grandmother Entrati will award Tenno with both a Xaku Warframe blueprint and Deimos Necralisk Captura Scene as rewards from her family – Mother offering Bounties; Father selling exclusive weapons; Daughter helping wildlife conservation and fishing efforts; Son providing security; Otak mining capabilities and Grandmother taking standing transactions while selling Orbiter decorations.

The Heart of Deimos Quest is an engaging adventure that introduces players to many key aspects of Warframe, such as bullet jumping and sliding. For newcomers to Warframe, this quest provides an ideal introduction into its more expansive world.

The Second Dream Quest

Warframe’s second main quest, The Second Dream, is an intricate and engaging story with one of the most impressive twists ever seen in video game history. It is an ideal way to become acquainted with its new arc while collecting some additional lore points along the way.

The Second Dream can be activated once Neptune Junction has been completed by activating it through the Codex. A cinematic cutscene begins the quest in which Hunhow seeks vengeance on Tenno for what transpired during Old War events. They must search deep inside their Orbiter for a Transference device known as Somatic Link at its back; along the way they may encounter Sentient Stalkers who attempt to stop them reaching it, firing red energy waves at them which push back far, until an energy beam attack from energy beam attack can counteracting them and stop this attack from hitting them before continuing with Somatic Link mission.

Once at Somatic Link, Lotus instructs them to enter and that upon doing so they will be met by an “Stalker”, who looks remarkably similar to their current Warframe. This Stalker will teleport from one side of the room to the other trying to stop player advancement through Link. You can dodge this Stalker’s attacks by shifting into certain directions while using energy beam to protect from its attacks.

Completing The Second Dream will grant players an Odonata Archwing, which provides an entirely new flight system and opens up limitless exploration and combat possibilities on Eidolon. To unlock it, players must first construct a Dry Dock within their Clan Dojo and research Railjack Cephalon Blueprint at Market for 35,000 Credit – both must first be built within Clan Dojo.