Warframe Railjack Guide

updated March 6, 2024


Cephalon Cy offers Tenno the opportunity to pilot an Orokin-era spaceship called the Railjack. Though single Tenno can operate it, for optimal results it requires four Tenno working together as part of an Squad.

Railjack combat missions involve engaging both regular fighters and crew ships – the latter of which use ramsleds to breach and tear apart ships – while also prioritizing these enemies over other potential targets.

Build your Railjack

Warframe can sometimes feel isolating when traveling alone on your Liset, so the game provides you with an opportunity to join a crew while traversing space when building your own Railjack. This guide will walk you through how to get one and turn it into a fully capable weapon of destruction.

A railjack is an Orokin-era interceptor spacecraft used by Tenno to engage large capital ships directly in combat. Equipped with weapons and various defensive systems to take on its task, as well as its own Void engine propulsion system for autonomous operation apart from Solar Rail networkword, and overseen by Cephalon Cy, an executive officer and navigator overseeing it all, one player may control it; for optimal results however four Tenno or an entire Squad should control it simultaneously for optimal results.

Assuming you already have the necessary materials, building your first railjack begins with purchasing its Cephalon Blueprint from the Market for 35,000 credits and then building it in your Foundry. After completion, the Rising Tide Quest can begin on Lua to help acquire Orphix Resonators that your railjack requires for construction.

Once you’ve amassed all six components for your ship, the assembly can begin at Ticker on Fortuna. From there, hiring your crew will follow: each member features a stat which indicates their skill in piloting, gunnery, or repair roles – the higher this stat, the more proficiently they’ll perform them – plus mods may allow further customization and improvement as you grow into their role more fully. Crew prices also depend on your standing with different Syndicates.

As you upgrade the parts and modules of your Railjack, make sure that its abilities advance at an appropriate pace to enable it to tackle even the toughest missions. However, as soon as these abilities reach maxed-out level they will increase significantly, driving up costs further for upgrading. It is wise to establish this balance early.

Free Flight

Warframe’s free flight has always been one of the more disappointing features since it first made an appearance, but developer Digital Extremes has attempted several times over the past decade to make outer space gameplay work, most notably through Archwings launched in 2014. Archwings allowed players to explore planet surfaces and anomalous Void zones but weren’t fully integrated into core gameplay until now with Railjack introduced through Empyrean update. While players need time to understand its workings.

As an ideal way of becoming familiar with your railjack, it is advisable to play some available missions marked on the map with an “R”. These provide rewards like Reactant, Sevagoth parts and Crucible components; although these missions might not provide as much difficulty than other challenges they will help you learn how to fly your ship and use its weapons more effectively.

Most Railjack missions involve defeating an equal number of enemy fighter spacecraft and Crewships before fulfilling an objective such as destroying a reactor or other target. Combat will often take place from both your railjack as well as on foot inside bases or Crewships – it’s key that you know which form is appropriate in each scenario and adapt accordingly for success!

Once you’ve played some missions and become proficient at flight, the Plexus – Railjack’s configuration console accessible from Orbiter or Clan dojo or Relay Dry Dock – can be modified. The first tab is Components; here lies four components responsible for shield and hull strength, flight speed and Battle Mod strength that you can modify by investing intrinsic points into them.

Gunnery shows how accurate your Railjack’s guns are and how much heat they produce when firing, making it important to maximize this skill, especially at higher levels, in order to hit high damage numbers that unlock some of its most devastating attacks. Finally, Command allows you to train Crew members and improve their performance during missions.

Combat Missions

As its name implies, a Railjack is a warframe ship meant for use by a group of Tenno. While a single player can still manage to pilot one, its purpose is more collaborative in nature. Not only do Railjack missions offer unique combat styles in-game but they can also grant resources that make some warframe upgrades more cost effective over time.

Your Railjack serves as a giant interceptor spacecraft that engages enemy fighters and crewships head on in direct combat, using its firepower from two Tenno-controlled turrets (one fired from the pilot seat and one from the bridge) as well as its main cannon which fires upon enemy ships and points of interest. Each system has a limited amount of ammunition which reloads quickly – this may make for some great gameplay!

The remaining arsenal includes various other weapons, a shield matrix and two swivel modules designed for close-range assaults or missile volleys. Each weapon has different damage types and cooldown times, while some can even be customized further – for instance swivel turrets can be fitted with a homing mod for increased accuracy when firing on targets.

As formidable as a railjack’s main cannon may be, it is also essential to remember that enemies may attempt to board your vessel and force you into fighting on foot. Additionally, these attacks could cause extensive damage such as fires or even breached hulls which will necessitate repair until its repairs can be completed.

Prior to embarking on any combat missions, it’s crucial that you practice using weapons and aiming at enemies. While Earth Proxima offers free flight mode for practicing these skills, nothing beats actual combat with real enemies!

Plexus, Railjack’s mod system extension, offers more than weapons and modules: players can access this menu via either their Orbiter or via its main Menu Railjack section and navigate between Integrated, Battle, and Tactical sections – the latter typically having more general applications like increasing Forward Artillery damage output or strengthening Battle Mods.

Special Objectives

Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack introduced special objectives, in addition to traditional combat missions. These require one member of your crew to step away from their Railjack and take on roles of either Grineer or Corpus ground squadron and infiltrate outposts or facilities and destroy, assassinate, or sabotage enemies; usually by dogfighting enemy fighters while attacking crew ships inside. It’s generally done after fulfilling overall objective but this feature allows players to level up Warframe intrinsics!

Intrinsics are passive skills that enhance your Railjack’s abilities, unlocked as you complete specific mission types and increased with each level. There are five Intrinsic categories currently; Tactical, Piloting, Gunnery, Engineering and Command. Each one comes with unique perks and takes more points to increase than its peers; Tactical allows more tactical mods to be deployed while Gunnery unlocks enhanced turrets with advanced targeting modes; Engineering enhances ship damage, resource yields and forges armaments while Command allows putting together crews so they can man the Railjack when other Tenno are unavailable – with each being unique among them!

Your Railjack may sustain damage during special objectives. Damage is indicated by an indicator which changes color when damage reaches a threshold and must be repaired quickly to restore functionality before time runs out. Repairing is easy: simply aim your Omni tool at any area of the ship until the bar fills up with colors to complete repairs if time runs out – otherwise a hull breach could occur, which must also be rectified before mission ends.

Repair of Damage is generally an effortless process and the Reactant drops earned for doing so are well worth your while. Scrapping unwanted wreckage for resources and Endo can also provide valuable resources necessary for upgrading components and armament on the Railjack.