What’s happening in WoW in 2024 ?

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2024 is a big deal for World of Warcraft because it’s hitting its 20th anniversary!

It’s wild to think back to when WoW first came out. That was the same year Facebook started, MySpace was the go-to social network, and people were gaming on their Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable. It was also when we said goodbye to Friends and hello to Lost.

Now, let’s talk about what’s coming up for WoW:

First, WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 kicks off on February 8th at 1:00 p.m. (21:00 GMT) worldwide. They’re mixing in some new stuff like new runes, a new PvP setup, skill books, and more. They’re looking to see what players think.

Next, there’s going to be a WoW Classic Hardcore’s Self-Found mode rolling out at the end of February. And right after that, the Beta for Cataclysm Classic is on its way, with more details coming soon.

Also, there’s been a bit of curiosity because there hasn’t been a Public Test Realm (PTR) for Dragonflight since its launch. But the devs have a surprise planned for the 10.2.6 patch. It’s open to all WoW subscribers and is set for March. They’re skipping the PTR this time to keep some elements a surprise, which hasn’t been done before. They’ll run tests for Dragonflight Season 4 on a 10.2.6 PTR after the update, though.

The team is trying something new by keeping upcoming content a secret until its release. They hope it will make discovering the content more exciting for the community. They acknowledge it’s a bit of a gamble and are prepared for any bumps along the way.

So, that’s what’s on the horizon for WoW. The team is looking forward to revealing all the details in March and is eager to see how the community reacts to these surprises.

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